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In another welcome addition to Nintendo’s Switch Online service, five more classic games are coming to the service this week. On Thursday, June 13, the five games will be added to the Nintendo Switch Online library during the scheduled maintenance period from 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. PT. If you’re already a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber, you’ll be able to play the five games as soon as the maintenance ends. If you’re looking forward to the Switch Online service, which also includes access to classic NES games, it costs $3.99 per month, $7.99 for three months or $19.99 for an entire year.

Nintendo Switch Online’s library of classic games continues to grow, with five new titles, including one that will be free for subscribers, joining the lineup. The new additions, announced during today’s Nintendo Direct, are Balloon Fight, Dr. Mario, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario Kart, and Wario’s Woods. Balloon Fight and Dr. Mario will be free to download, while the other three can be purchased as a bundle for $7.99. (Nintendo also notes that Super Mario Bros. 3 has been available for free “for a limited time,” which likely means it will return to paid status at some point.) Those who already have access to Nintendo Switch Online gain access to these games on September 18. Nintendo hasn’t released details

Nintendo is once again proving that they are committed to making the Nintendo Switch Online service worth your while. (And your money. The two are kinda linked.) For the second update since the service launched in September, Nintendo has released a new video with five classic games that will be added to the Switch library later this year. The games include the original Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Mario Bros. 3, Balloon Fight and Dr. Mario.

Five more games will be played, starting on the 26th. May 2021 will be available through the Nintendo Switch Online service. This includes four games for the Super NES: Joe & Mac, Magical Drop 2, Super Baseball Simulator 1000 and Spanky’s Quest. The only NES game is Ninja JaJaMaru-kun, a game that was never localized for the US market. Any Switch owner with a paid subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service will be able to play these games starting next week. This brings the total number of classic games in the collection to 104. I’ve long believed that the continued support of a collection of classic games on Switch Online is a huge benefit to subscribing to the service. While I appreciate that we now get more obscure and, in some cases, never-released Pacific games, the fact remains that some long-awaited games are still missing. The two most frequently mentioned games are : Earthbound and Super Mario RPG, which were released on several other virtual console services and the Super NES Classic Edition Mini. Why Nintendo hasn’t released these games yet remains a mystery and a source of frustration for many. Let’s hope they show up sooner than later! OFFICIAL PR: On the 26th. In May, the Nintendo Switch’s online service reached a major milestone. Five more games will be added, bringing the total number of classic games available to all Nintendo Switch Online users to 104! Get ready for some dino destruction this month with the arrival of Caveman Ninja (aka Joe and Mac)! Go back to prehistoric times with these rad retro stone age ninjas. Or you can make cool combo chains in Magical Drop2. Switch to Super Baseball Simulator 1,000 to complete the frantic race for the pennant, or chase the wicked witch in Spanky’s™ Quest. To top it off, ride a giant frog in Ninja JaJaMaru-kun and embark on an extraordinary odyssey through these exciting adventures from the archives. With Nintendo Switch Online membership, you’ll have instant access to huge libraries of Super NES™ and NES™ games, including classic era favorites, cult titles, and Japanese games not yet released in the United States. Tour a living museum of gaming history on Nintendo platforms with adventures like The Legend of Zelda™: A Link to the Past™, Donkey Kong Country™ and Super Mario Bros.3, which can be played anytime, anywhere. Read on to find out more about the games coming out this month: Super NES

  • Caveman Ninja (aka Joe & Mac) – Can Joe and Mac save lost cavemen? In this 1991 game, Joe and Mac’s life was peaceful until a group of Neanderthals destroyed their village. The boys must quickly jump to the rescue, jump, run and use rolling attacks to overcome the stone age obstacles in their path. Just make sure you choose the best weapon for the situation, and the guys will definitely get the job done!
  • Magical Drop2 – this puzzle game appeared on the Super Famicom™ system in 1996, but was never released in English. But even if you’ve never played, the rules are easy to learn. Catch and throw the drops that fall from the sky. Make vertical lines of three drops of the same color to eliminate all connected drops. Enjoy four game modes, including one where you’re ranked at the end of the game and a story mode with 10 characters!
  • Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 – Get ready for a high-intensity superhuman baseball show! Use ultra plays like the ghost ball, which makes the ball disappear into the middle of the field, or the meteoric strike, which knocks down outfielders who make contact with the ball before it bounces. With multiplayer options, 18 baseball teams and the ability to build your own original team, it’s the baseball simulator’s wildest dream come true!
  • Spanky’s Quest – Spanky was on his way to a picnic when the witch Morticia started dropping bricks from the sky. Once captured, Spanky must destroy six towers before he is captured by the evil raven, the witch’s pet. He must use his magic ball to stun enemies, bounce it against his head to charge it, throw it to attack – and try on a few hats along the way.


  • Ninja JaJaMaru-kun – Play as a ninja and rescue the imprisoned princess Sakura in this exciting game originally released only in Japan. JaJaMaru must use his throwing stars to defeat the monsters lurking about. Keep your eyes peeled for the ultimate reward, a ride on Gamapa-kun, the giant frog!

Nintendo Switch Online membership also entitles you to participate in PAC-MAN™ 99. After four decades of iconic game memorabilia, PAC-MAN is back in the maze, ready to hunt down elusive spirits. But this time, you’ll have to compete against 98 players to become the last PAC-MAN. With eight different strategies to choose from along the way and the tantalizing promise of a big comeback if you eat a ghost train, PAC-MAN 99 is a blast from the past with modern-day excitement. The paid Nintendo Switch Online service is a great way to connect with friends and family around the world and play compatible games online. With the ability to play compatible games online, such as. B. Animal Crossing™: New Horizons, Pokémon™ Sword, Pokémon™ Shield, Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate, Mario Kart™ 8 Deluxe, Tetris 99® and more – discover everything the Nintendo Switch has to offer with a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. For more information about all the benefits and services available with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, and to try out the free seven-day trial, visit the Nintendo Switch Online section of the Nintendo Switch HOME menu or word-image-5419 Craig has been involved in the video game industry since 1995. His work has been published in various media. He is currently editor-in-chief of Gaming Age magazine, where he writes.


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In addition to the original Super Mario Bros, Nintendo is making five more classic games available to play on the Nintendo Switch Online service, starting with the next update. These five classic games will run on the Nintendo Entertainment System, which is the 8-bit Nintendo console that came out decades ago. This included the games Ice Climber, Super Mario Bros, Balloon Fight, Dr. Mario, and the original Legend of Zelda game.. Read more about nintendo switch classic games collection and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What classic Nintendo games are available for switch?

The Nintendo Switch is becoming a popular place for classic games. The latest additions to the console’s growing library include Balloon Fight, Dr. Mario, and more. These join the already available Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and other classics. However, Nintendo will be adding more games to the Switch’s library in the coming months. Here’s a rundown of the new arrivals. The Nintendo Switch is quickly becoming one of the major players in the gaming industry. The console has already hosted a number of popular titles, and a number of classic Nintendo games have been re-released for the Switch. (It’s a gaming revolution that is giving us new ways to enjoy our favorite classic games.) However, Switch fans hoping to play some of the older games are going to be disappointed. The console may be a fantastic machine for playing new games, but it’s not backward compatible.

Can I play classic Nintendo games on switch?

Can I play classic Nintendo games on switch? For the first time, Nintendo is bringing its classic game library to a modern console with the Switch. Nintendo has already announced that 20 of its classic titles will be available to play on the Switch next year, which will include some of the biggest entries in Nintendo’s storied catalog of games. Part 1: These are 5 more classic games coming to Nintendo Switch online – “The service will cost $3.99 a month, $7.99 for three months, or $19.99 for an annual subscription. Digital games will be available to download directly from Nintendo’s eShop, while subscribers will also gain access to a library of classic games.” Old-school Nintendo fans have some new classics to look forward to in 2019. As reported earlier this week, Nintendo plans to add 5 classic games to its Nintendo Switch Online paid subscription service.

What are the best games on Nintendo switch online?

The Nintendo Switch Online service is finally here, so if you’re looking at picking up a new subscription, you’re going to want to know which games are worth playing. Nintendo is touting over 50 games for the service, and though some of them are free, you’ll probably want to shell out for a premium membership (assuming you don’t want to play solely against other people online). We’ve highlighted a few of the most popular titles so far, but before you pour your hard-earned cash into a service, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. With the first year of the Nintendo Switch’s life nearly wrapped up, we can start to see some clear winners and losers among the console’s games. While it’s still a bit early to say for certain which games will be remembered as Switch classics, we can say for certain the ones that were actually bad. As a result, we’ve rounded up the worst of the worst of the Switch’s (insert date) games and given them to you right here. (Who are we to argue?)

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