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7 gaming forum software to create the next-gen online community

Because of the popularity of sites like reddit and the emergence of new services such as, forums have fallen out of favor with many gamers. However, there are still many reasons to consider setting up an online forum: they are a great place to discuss everything from game news to game design, and they are an integral part of any gaming community. In our post, we will be discussing some of the best dedicated forum software you can use to create your own forum.

Whether you want to create a community around a game, or a forum for a web based game, there are lots of software out there that will let you do it. The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive list of game forum software that let you create the next-Gen online community you and your players deserve.

All of the forum software listed above are separate forum scripts, but if you don’t want to run a separate forum program or have a forum alongside your existing website, WordPress can help.

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS), and many developers have created community forum plugins for WordPress that allow you to create a fully functional forum with just a few clicks.

Some of the most popular WordPress based community forum plugins are bbPress, wpForo Forum, Asgaros Forum and others. These plugins act as add-ons and work with your existing WordPress installation.

Forums wpForo

wpForo Forum is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create a fully functional community forum directly on your WordPress installation. It has all the necessary functions and is free to use.

Installing the wpForo Forum is similar to installing any other WordPress plugin. It has three types of forum layouts to start with, but the layouts can be changed at any time without disrupting the forum.

Administrators can customize the look of the forum by changing colors, adding menu items and a sidebar widget to give the site a fitting look. wpForo also offers excellent user management, allowing users to set a custom URL for login and registration, a user rating system and profile management.

With wpForo’s premium add-ons, you can embed multimedia content, create polls, personalize users, use private messaging and manage ads.

Forum Asgaros

Asgaros Forum is a simple yet functional WordPress forum plugin for those who want to enhance their website with a simple discussion platform without sacrificing functionality.

Members can create profiles by registering on the forum, receiving notifications, creating new discussions and responding to discussions of other members.

The Asagros forum provides a basic structure and content management system for administrators. It also provides basic user management functions, including subscriber list access, rights management and statistics. You can also add your own theme via an FTP client.

Discussion forum

Discussion Board is another WordPress plugin that can add community forum functionality to your WordPress website. It has many features and meets the requirements.

Users can register on the forum, post new topics and create a new page for individual topics.

In user management, administrators can manage user actions, assign roles to new users, restrict spam registration, choose one of three layouts, and work with shortcodes.

There is also a Pro version of the discussion board that allows users to add categories and tags, set topics as resolved or open, customize user profiles, upload images, perform manual sharing by the administrator, and use a WYSIWYG editor.


bbPress is an open source forum plugin developed by Automatic, the same company that runs and .com. This plugin allows you to create message boards with an emphasis on ease of integration, the latest web standards and speed.

bbPress is a simple WordPress extension that lets you create community forums in a few clicks, but it’s not a very ideal plugin for managing large communities.

Here we go!

If you need an advanced program for gaming forums or just a program for community forums in general, phpBB, Discourse and MyBB are among the best options.

However, if you only want to add forum functionality to your website, you should try discussion forums, wpForo forums and the Asgaros forum plugin for WordPress as they require less resources and are easier to maintain.

Joomla users can try Kunena or EasyDiscuss, and Drupal users can try Advanced Forum.

That’s it. We hope that with this guide we can help you find the best forum software. Tell us your choice in the comments.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about best free message board and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best software for forums and community conversation?

Forum software is a kind of dedicated software that manages online community discussions and social interaction among users in a particular domain. In the world of gaming, some of the forum most likely to be used by the readers of regcen2 are: One of the most important aspects of creating your own community is finding the best software for forums and community conversation. A lot of what you find on the internet as a whole comes from community and forum discussions. Therefore, the software you use to facilitate that is critical to its success. There are lots of options to choose from, so we’ll lay out the pros and cons of each, and show you a few of the best.

How do I create an online forum?

You’re a forum fanatic, and you want to create your own forum for all the other forum fans out there. You’re in luck! It’s not hard to create a forum, as long as you’re willing to put in a little time. Just follow these steps: One of the most common types of online communities is an online forum. An online forum is similar to a message board except that members can post different types of content such as pictures, articles, or videos. Online forums have attracted a lot of attention from small businesses and public relations firms because they are a place where members can share ideas, communicate with each other, and interact with businesses.

How do I create an online forum for free?

Creating an online community can be a daunting task, but it is achievable with a little work. A lot of people have tried to set up their own online forums, but have been unsuccessful, as they don’t know the right steps to take to attract and keep a solid user base. This is why you need to check out Regcen2, a free gaming forum, for your gaming needs. Registering a free forum website can be tricky, because you need to provide a lot of information (such as a real name, address, etc.), and it’s hard to remember all of that if you’re doing it all at once. However, there are services that make the process as easy as possible. One such service is; their user-friendly interface lets you setup a completely customized forum in minutes. They also offer a 30 day free trial, so if you’re a little nervous about trusting an unfamiliar website, you can use the trial to test the service for yourself.

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