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The world of digital advertising has changed drastically in the past 10 years, and it’s continuing to evolve every day. New technologies are continually being brought to the table, and agencies are trying new things to help clients reach their goals. Today, we are going to look at some of the most popular tools in the industry that are changing the way brands advertise online.

30-second summary:

  • The mobile experience is critical in all categories, if we look at Core Web Vitals (CWV) measurements.
  • Image compression seems to be a big problem for big brands
  • Well-designed CCW sites are usually informative in nature.
  • Retailers in particular may face significant disruption if second-tier retailers take hits.
  • In all sectors, there is room and time for improvement and preparation when issues are treated as a business priority.
  • Corporate search and digital marketers need to set the right course to achieve key objectives
  • You also need to convince the rest of the organization that the effort is worthwhile.

The long-awaited introduction of mobile-first indexing has arrived. This means that content that is only visible on desktop computers will now be ignored by the world’s largest search engine. Perspective for mobile has been a priority for Google for years, as the pace of user experience has moved to crescendo. In a few months, the entire Page experience will be updated. According to Google, page experience measures aspects of how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page and consists of five key search signals. I hope you know at least four of them, because they’ve been around for a while. Recommendations for mobile-friendliness, safe browsing, HTTPS security and intrusive interstitials have been rolled out and updated as Google tries to keep up with changing consumer expectations. So, what’s new? In May, signals from a new metric called Core Web Vitals (CWV) will be combined with four existing signals to create a mega-metric called Page Experience. BrightEdge (my company) conducted a study on CCW readiness and mobile-first compliance to determine the potential impact on websites in four major industries. But first, it is important to understand the capabilities of CCW and the relationship between this new set of indicators and the Mobile-First Index.

Decipher key web indicators

Before going any further, it should be noted that the CCW is not a guideline for measures, the non-respect of which may result in a fine. Cloaking is an example of a violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines. If you are caught doing so, you risk a fine from Google. Core Web Vitals, however, is an opportunity. If you fail to meet the thresholds for each of the three main areas that make up the CCW signal, you will not be fined. But you miss the opportunity to raise the bar for those who meet the standards. And what are these standards? word-image-2283 Achieving one of these two goals is not enough; Google has confirmed that all three goals must be met to improve rankings with CCW. You can read more about these key indicators here.

Core Web Vitals and Mobile-First go hand in hand forSearch UX

The recommendations for safe browsing, HTTPS security and intrusive interstitials are pretty clear: either you follow them or you don’t. The mobile-first principle and Core Web Vitals are more complex, have more mobile components, and therefore are getting the attention of webmasters as May approaches. Hosting, website structure, image optimization and other factors can affect how your website loads on mobile devices. James Parsons recently published a 28-point optimization checklist that every webmaster and SEO should review to prepare for CCW. word-image-2284 Mobile-first makes a big difference because it also affects local searches. Given that 60% of mobile searches are local in nature, the vast majority of businesses cannot afford to ignore Google’s focus on mobile indexing. When consumers are looking for stores near them that meet their needs, it is imperative that the website loads lightning fast. How are companies preparing for the revamped page experience? BrightEdge (my company) recently conducted a study comparing the top websites in various industries to determine the vulnerability of each to the May update. Since we cannot currently estimate what effect the introduction of CCW in the ranking algorithm would have, we wanted to investigate the readiness and establish a baseline. This is what we found.

Which sites would benefit from an increase in the number of core webvitals?

For this study, we analyzed over 1500 URLs in four industries:

  • Education (253 URLs)
  • Finance (328 URLs)
  • B2B (URL 302)
  • Retail (689 URLs)

Instead of using the homepage, we chose the URLs responsible for each page’s organic traffic. For each website, we measured the share of votes for the top 500 keywords in each sector, analyzed mobile page speed using the Crux database, and assessed compliance with Core Web Vitals using metrics :

  • The biggest sensitive painting: Less than 2.5 seconds
  • Late first entry: Less than 0.1 second
  • Cumulative layout shift : Less than .01

It appears that some industries are better prepared for the page experience update than others, as evidenced by the percentage of URLs that would have benefited from improved rankings from Core Web Vitals if the update had been released today:

  • 24% of financial URLs
  • 13% of B2B URLs
  • Five percent of URLs in educational institutions
  • Less than one percent of retail URLs

As you can see, brands that start trading now to be in time for the next renewal will get big seats at the table. Early adopters will be able to benefit from this increase in viewership when it occurs. The full results of the study can be found here.

  1. LCP affects users’ bounce rates and reducing the time to the first content-rich painting can improve conversion rates by 15%.
  2. CLS impacts conversion rates because changing the layout irritates users and interrupts their experience.
  3. DIF is an important factor in your website’s ability to respond to the actions a user wants to take. Helps the website respond faster to your audience.
  4. Enterprise websites built on applications that require a large number of scripts to function are complex and can require significant investment to make them CCW compliant.

Here are some of our results by industry. word-image-2285


  • More than 50% of sites met all three criteria for CCW on desktops.
  • Job sites such as met the CWV thresholds most often.



  • More than 60% of sites met all three criteria for CCW on desktops.
  • Banking and investment sites are struggling, while news sources like Investopedia are succeeding.



  • Nearly 70% of sites met all three criteria for CCW on desktops.
  • Information and definition pages perform best, while transactional content struggles.


Retail trade

  • More than 50% of sites met all three criteria for CCW on desktops.
  • Again, news sources like Tech Radar and Consumer Reports provided the best results.

word-image-2289 It should be noted that the retail industry is dominated by multiple product listings from the same areas, which has led to an increase in the proportion of verified URLs from retailers. We have yet to see a single example of major online retailers (Amazon, Target and others) gaining market share with their landing pages – instead, their organic traffic is driven by product and category pages. We hypothesized that page attributes such as product hero images and ad pop-ups were responsible for non-compliance, associated with the larger content and layout bias.

Main outputs

Core Web Vitals and broader measures of page experience certainly have an impact, but they are just one of many signals that tell Google that your site is providing a safe, positive, and useful experience for the web user. It’s the heart and soul of all Google updates, so it should be the driving force behind your SEO strategy. Keep this information in mind as you prepare to update your page experience and implement Core Web Vitals as Google ranking signals:

  • The mobile experience has a huge impact and is very important for optimization across all industries.
  • Image compression and optimization is proving to be a challenge for many brands, opening up new opportunities for those who succeed.
  • More informative pages meet Core Web Vitals criteria than transactional pages.
  • Retail brands expect serious fluctuations in search results, especially if second-tier retailers can take advantage of the page experience and achieve higher rankings.

Digital marketers and business-focused SEOs need to take the right steps now to hit key metrics so they don’t fall behind. The key is how you communicate the potential impact of upcoming changes to decision makers to get their buy-in.We all know what we want from our pages—they should be easy to use, beautifully designed, and immediately engaging. These are the basic tenets of a great user experience. But what would make one great page over another? Over the years, many of my clients have asked me to join forces with them to create a new kind of best practice—one that connects the dots on how to design and produce a website that is easy to use and gets its users engaged with your content.. Read more about website optimisation and let us know what you think.

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