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Destiny 2 Exotic Archive Guide: Where to Find & What to Buy

If you’re wondering how to get Exotic weapons or armor in Destiny 2, you’ll have to complete a lot of quests. Luckily, we’ve put together a helpful guide that shows you where to find Exotic items in Destiny 2. At the end of this guide, you’ll find a list of the best Exotic armor and weapons available in the game. Hopefully that will help you decide which Exotic items to work towards.

Creating an exotic weapon or armor piece in Destiny 2 is hard. Even harder is collecting an exotic set of armor and weapons in Destiny 2. Exotic sets are the best armor and weapons in the game, and they have a special perk that makes them unique from other weapons and armor. So far, there are two exotic sets, one for each class. You can also buy an exotic weapon from a vendor for a lot of glimmer.

Exotic items play an important role in your build in Destiny 2, but there are some items that players miss or can no longer get.

The Exotic Item Archive in Destiny 2 is a way to obtain some of the exotic items that were available in the past.

Players can view exotics from their periods and also buy them if they have enough currency to buy the exotics they need.

What is an exotic archive?

The Exotic Archive, also known as the Monument of the Lost Light, is an information merchant and NPC where you can get information on exotics and even buy them.

These exotic items are largely from previous DLC and also include legendary items that players can no longer get in the game.

Players can use it to acquire exotics that they could not acquire or accidentally discarded.

Where can I find the exotic archives?

The exotic archive is located in the tower and is right next to the safe, so you can easily store your equipment.

Players can easily find it by appearing in the courtyard and going to the vending machine, next to which they will find the Monument of the Lost Light (Exotic Archive).

Buying into exotic archives

To purchase an item from the Exotics archive, simply open one of the lists of Exotics items you wish to view and search for the item that meets your requirements.

If you have already chosen an exotic item, you can buy it if you have the materials to buy it.

Basically, you’ll need an exotic cryptogram, a glimmer, planetary resources and an Ascendant shard, but the prices for each item can vary.

Legendary items do not require an exotic figure, but other resources such as enhancement prisms and legendary shards do.

You can read how to get exotic codes in our section How to get an exotic code?

Exotic stock

The current Exotica archive contains Exotica and Legendarium sets that you can purchase at your leisure.

The following is a list of what is included in the Lost Lights Monument inventory:

Exotic Red War

  • Attack (hand cannon)
  • Multitool Mida (reconnaissance rifle)
  • Rat King (handgun)
  • Sleeper Simulator (Linear Fusion Gun)
  • World Line Zero (sword)
  • Polaris Lance (scout rifle)
  • Whispering Worm (sniper rifle)
  • Flash Perfect. (Pulse rifle)
  • The Legend of Acrius (Shotgun)

Abandoned exotics

  • Ace of spades (hand cannon)
  • The last word (hand cannon)
  • The Monarch. (Combat Bow)
  • Jotunn (Fusion Rifle)
  • Izanagi’s last (sniper rifle)
  • Thorns (hand cannon)
  • Lumina (handgun)
  • Truth (rocket launcher)
  • Bad Juju (pulse rifle)
  • Anarchy. (Grenade launcher)
  • Tarrabah (machine gun)
  • Always on time (car)

Exotic Twilight

  • Leviathan’s Breath (Battle Arc)
  • Eriana’s Oath. (Hand Cannon)
  • Bastion! (Fusion Rifle)
  • Symmetry (reconnaissance rifle)
  • The Devil’s Ruins (Sidearm)
  • Tommy’s matchbook (automatic rifle)
  • Fourth driver (shotgun)
  • Witherhoard (grenade launcher)
  • Destroying substance (gunshot)
  • Selected Traveller (Small Arms)

Beyond the light Exoticism

Old gearbox

Legacy Gear is a legendary item no longer available in the original quests and can be purchased at the Monument of the Lost Light.

The weapons in the set are part of their army groups, so the following are available:

Conventional weapon

  • The Lie of Felwinter. (Shotgun)

Crucible Weapon

  • Weeping moon (hand cannon)
  • Don’t forget. (hand cannon)
  • Redrix broadsword (Pulse rifle)
  • Top of the mountain (grenade launcher)
  • Hermit (machine gun)
  • Revoker (sniper rifle)
  • Randy’s scout rifle
  • Komodo-4FR (Linear Fusion Gun)
  • Stag’s point

Gambit’s weapon

  • Breakneck (automatic rifle)
  • 21% Delirium
  • Silence (battle arc)
  • Exit strategy (machine gun)
  • Python (shotgun)

Vanguard Weapons

  • Loaded call (fusion rifle)
  • Nightshade (pulse rifle)
  • Oxygen SR3 (reconnaissance rifle)
  • Wendigo GL3 (grenade launcher)
  • On the edges.
  • Mouthpiece (handgun)


  • Exotic filing equipment can be purchased as often as you like, as long as you have the necessary materials.
  • Don’t forget to check the weapon with the preview option to see if you are interested in buying it and to make sure it doesn’t get lost.
  • The archive of exotic items will be expanded as Destiny 2 evolves in future DLC.


The Monument of the Lost Light (Exotic Archive) is an NPC that allows you to search for exotic and legendary items from different eras.

You can check the stats, see the special features of the weapon, and even buy it for a certain amount of resources if you want.

The Exotic Archive is one of the most common ways for players to obtain some of the best exotic items in Destiny 2.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about destiny 2 exotic archive blinking and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the exotic archive in Destiny 2?

The exotic archive is a secret room in Destiny 2 that is only available to players who have collected every exotic weapon in the game. It’s a simple room with four pillars, each with a symbol representing a different race in Destiny 2. It is accessed using the exotic key, which is only available to players who have all exotic weapons and armor, which you can get from a quest called “The Whisper.” The exotic archive is found in the north west part of EDZ and is well protected by Cabal. Although you can get easy access to this area by jumping on the rock nearby, there is a way to get in without being detected. Climb the large rock in EDZ, and you will find one of the hexagonal-shaped rocks floating in the air. This one has a jail cell on top, which you can use to glide to the archive. This is probably the hardest and most annoying exotic quest in Destiny 2, and the payoff is not worth it. Many people have died trying to get this exotic. Not only that, but the exotic archive is literally in the middle of nowhere and not worth your time. …Stay

Where do you get exotic ciphers from in Destiny 2?

There are some exotic ciphers in Destiny 2 – and they’re pretty useful for getting some of those exotic weapons in the game, as well as upgrading them. Here’s how to get them! You have probably heard of a cipher, but might not know what it is. A cipher is a shared secret between the sender and the recipient. Think of the key as the code and the sender and recipient as the two people communicating. The key is used to encrypt the message. The message is sent and then the recipient uses the key to decrypt the message.

What exotic Should I get from exotic archive?

They’re known as exotic armor, exotic weapons, and exotic everything else. Exotic gear is the most powerful gear in Destiny 2, and it’s the most sought-after stuff in the game. But getting your hands on exotic items has proven to be a little tricky in the past, and it’s about to get a little trickier. The Exotic Weapon collection in Destiny 2 is a complicated matter. As you progress through the game, you’ll find that the most powerful weapons in your arsenal are far more exotic than anything you’ve seen before. You’ll need to complete missions, raids, and exotic quests in order to get the best guns.

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