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Destruction AllStars Update 2.000.002 Season 1 Patch Notes

The open beta phase of Destruction AllStars started on the 10´th of April 2018. Over the course of the following 4 weeks we have seen more than 150.000 players (to put this into perspective, that is 20.000 more than EA´s Battlefield V) play the game and help us find bugs and issues that are not present in our testing environment. The first 2 patches have been released to the public and included fixes for some critical issues among others.

The Destruction AllStars Update 2.000.002 Season 1 Patch Notes have been released and we know what will be included in this update. I have to say I am very excited about this as I have been in the beta test for quite some time now and it has been great. I think everyone will be really pleased with this update

The 2,000,002 update to Destruction AllStars has been released with some changes and fixes. We have a full description of the patches for this game, so you can find out more about it.

Destruction AllStars Update 2.000.002 Season 1 Patch notes

  • Season 1: Hotshots has begun!
  • A new AllStar has joined the group!
    • Alba has been added to the game for all players at no additional cost.
  • Added an AllStar Pass for the AllStars of Destruction.
    • The AllStar Pass offers players a new way to earn cosmetic rewards.
    • The pass includes a free level and a premium level.
      • The Premium level can be purchased for 1,000 Destruction points with the Destruction AllStars 2,000,002 patch notes.
    • Players can upgrade their AllStar Pass by earning season points in the online game in a variety of ways:
      • Completing online multiplayer matches
      • Performing weekly seasonal tasks
      • Execution of sponsoring tasks

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Audio enhancements

  • Added music effects from Tannoy speakers and foghorn point effects.
  • The sound of Barge Ready has been reworked and is now played through a speaker included with the Destruction AllStars 2.000.002 update.
  • Added a new sound for recording extra lives in Gridfall.
  • The victory cries of other players are now more evident in the background of other sounds.
  • Added a sound effect when the hero’s car is ready to be challenged.
  • Added new vocal lines at the beginning of the game.

Voice chat

  • Resume voice communication with the new user interface features.
    • Voice communication is disabled by default.
    • You can change the global voice communication settings in the preferences.
    • Voicemails can also be switched in-game by pressing the left side of the middle touchpad button.
    • The voice message allows players to listen to the voice chat of all players or disable the voice chat of all players.
    • This is the first phase of the implementation of the new voice communication functionality.

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Missing trophies

  • Fixed an issue where players received a badge for completing requirements, but no trophy.
    • After completing the game, your account will check to see which badges you have. If there is a trophy missing for that badge, it will be transferred to your account with the Destruction AllStars 2,000,002 update.


  • The play timer is set for all modes.
    • Mayhem and Coronado go to 5 minutes, previously 6 minutes.
    • Gridfall has been reduced to 3 minutes, instead of 6 minutes, with the Destruction AllStars Season 1 update – Patch Notes.
      • Gridfall now has a 30 second grace period at the beginning of a match if you temporarily have an extra life.
  • Rename the test series in history mode
  • Fixed an issue with the star goal of breaking 20 crates in Wildfire in Lupita story mode.
    • It will now be completed at the end of the 20th year. is the last box of the event.


  • Fixed an issue where users with new PSN accounts were sometimes not merged with existing players on first load.
  • A problem that sometimes prevented fruitful comparisons between North American and European players has been solved.

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  • Blue Tang
    • Shredder: The grinding time was increased from 20 to 25 seconds.
    • The grinding activity time was reduced from 5 s to 4 s.
    • Vehicle health has been reduced by 20 (previously 220).
  • Hana
    • Saber’s ability, when active, beats Blaufang’s Shredder ability, when active. (So it cuts the Shredder, not shreds it) with Destruction AllStars Update 2.000.002 Patch Notes.

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