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Google’s decision could affect how we run Android apps on Windows 11

Starting next month, Google will begin to drop support for apps that have been distributed through the Google Play store. And while the company offers a third-party app store of its own, some apps may not get the best treatment if they’re distributed outside of Google’s walled garden. So, what happens to apps that are distributed through the Windows Store? Well, good news, some will still work!

Google has made it clear it has no plans to allow apps built for one version of its mobile OS (Android) to run on another (Windows Phone). (For readers who are not familiar with the industry, Android has been one of the most important smartphone operating systems in the last decade. It’s installed on more than 700 million devices worldwide.)

In case you haven’t heard, Google is deprecating support for Java in Android apps starting in January 2020, which means that all new apps and updates that Android users install are going to work on Windows 10 and macOS. Google is making this move because they believe Java is too slow for modern smartphones, which is understandable. But it’s going to have some pretty serious consequences for third-party Android app developers.. Read more about amazon app store and let us know what you think.

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  • Developers who want to publish their apps to the Google Play Store will continue to use the standard APK format for publication.
  • Now Google is planning to change this by removing APKs and introducing web page packages instead.
  • This decision could have serious implications for Microsoft’s ability to deliver Android applications for the new operating system.
  • When Microsoft announced Windows 11, it also announced that users will be able to download apps through the Amazon App Store.

If you didn’t already know, you know that Google just announced a big change for developers who want to offer their apps on the Google Play Store, a change that could have a big impact on the Android app ecosystem.

Currently, the default format for publishing apps is APK, but according to Google, the new system will require developers to publish apps in the pp bundle format starting in August.

developers must say goodbye APK

As you probably know, running Android apps from the Amazon app store is considered one of the most important features of Windows 11. However, Google has decided to make things a little more complicated.

While few users are happy with Microsoft’s decision to download apps through another non-Microsoft store or the Google Play Store, the situation has become even more confusing than before.

Even considering that this change only applies to new apps placed in the Google Play Store from August 2021, the decision casts a shadow over Microsoft’s Android ambitions for the new operating system.

As mentioned earlier, the new pp bundle format will replace the APK as the default release format. Note that over a million applications are already using the pp Bundle format.

Is Google trying to derail Microsoft’s plans?

No one is saying that this change announced by Google is directly aimed at Microsoft’s plans to port Android apps to its new operating system, but some are certainly taking it into consideration.

This is largely because Google’s announcement came just days after Microsoft introduced Windows 11 and the ability to download Android apps as APKs.

Google’s controversial decision on app bundles could mean even fewer apps will be available on Windows 11, although you can also get Android apps on Windows 11 from the Amazon Appstore.

It’s still early, and Microsoft plans to launch the new operating system by the end of the year. This gives the company sufficient time to reconsider its strategy and find a solution.

Now it’s wait and see and hope that the tech giant is really on the same page with Google and actually offers the ability to run Android apps on Windows 11.

What is your opinion on this situation? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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