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How do I connect my Chromebook to my Canon printer?

With so many great products on the market, it can be hard to decide which one to buy. That’s why it’s important to research the latest technology trends before purchasing anything, whether it’s a new laptop, a tablet or even a camera. When you’re considering a new Chromebook, you may want to think about using the Chromebook Plus’ 2-megapixel rear-facing camera for video conferencing.

Chromebooks have been around for a while now, and suddenly they are becoming more popular. We’ve covered plenty of Chromebooks over the last year, and some new ones have been introduced as well. One of the best things about Chromebooks is the amount of apps available for them. Once you get your Chromebook up and running, you can use it for just about anything.

I wasn’t sure how to make this work without giving away a bunch of useful information. But the other day I had a printer that wouldn’t print properly from my Chromebook. So I connected it up to my wireless router using a USB adapter, and all was well. Now, I have no idea why it worked, but I am guessing that the router somehow gets the job done. I do know that on some other HP laptops I have used before, the Chromebook does not recognize the wireless printer. But I figured I would share this great tip anyway.

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  • Connecting your Chromebook to your Canon printer doesn’t have to be a tedious or time-consuming task.
  •  You can easily configure your Canon printer through the settings by following the instructions in this article.
  • Another quick way to connect your Chromebook to your Canon printer is with a USB cable or via WiFi.
  • We recommend you use a dedicated third-party utility to make sure the driver for your Canon Chromebook is always up to date.

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Many documents and papers still need to be printed, even though many activities can now be done online, in the cloud or through sharing services. Users are looking for ways to connect their Chromebook to a Canon printer. While it’s not as easy as another device, we’ve made it easy for you. Read on, because this article will tell you exactly how to successfully connect and print your Chromebook.

How do I connect my Chromebook to my Canon printer?

1. Connecting to the Internet

  1. Turn on the printer and connect to the Internet.
  2. Select the time in the lower right corner and select Not connected.
  3. Turn on Wi-Fi and your Chromebook will automatically search for available networks.
  4. Connect your Chromebook to the same network as your printer.

2. Add printer manually

  1. Locate and press the time and battery indicator.
  2. Then click on the cogwheel icon to open the settings window.
  3. Scroll down and press the Settings option.
  4. Then click Print, and then click Printer.
  5. Manually add the name of the printer here and click Add.
  6. Then verify that the printer you just added appears under Registered Printers.

3. USB port

You can also connect the printer with a USB cable. Once the printer is connected, a message appears on the screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to successfully reverse the operation. Once you see that the process is complete, you can use the printer.

4. Use special tools

If you followed the above steps and were able to connect the printer to your Chromebook, you should also check that the driver is working properly. There are several ways to check this manually, but the best and most recommended way is to use a third-party utility designed specifically for this purpose. In most cases, the current drivers for your PC’s hardware and peripherals are not updated properly by the system. There are important differences between the generic driver and the manufacturer’s driver. Finding the right driver version for each of your hardware components can be tedious. Therefore, an automated wizard can help you find the right drivers and update your system every time, and we recommend DriverFix.Follow these simple steps to safely update your drivers:

  1. Download and install DriverFix.
  2. Start the software.
  3. Wait until all defective drivers are detected.
  4. DriverFix will show you all drivers that have problems and you only need to select the one you want to fix.
  5. Wait until the application has downloaded and installed the latest drivers.
  6. Restart the computer for the changes to take effect.


Make sure the drivers for the components of your PC are working properly without endangering your computer. Denial: This program must be upgraded from the free version to perform specific actions. Well, that’s it then. As you can see, you can easily connect your Chromebook to your Canon printer and make sure you have the correct Canon driver for Chromebook installed. If you have any other recommendations or suggestions, we would love to hear them, so please feel free to leave your comments in the appropriate section below. Still having problems? Repair them with this tool:

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Restoro was downloaded by 0 readers this month. Not enough details. It’s hard to understand Other Contact an expert Take part in the discussionIf you’re looking for help on how to connect your Chromebook to your printer, you’ve come to the right place. I don’t know your specific printer model, but I do have some advice on how to connect a Chromebook to a printer that’s not a Canon.. Read more about chromebook says can’t connect to printer and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my Chromebook to my Canon printer wirelessly?

If you’ve ever purchased a Chromebook, you’ve no doubt been curious about the possibility of connecting it wirelessly to a printer. With a few steps you can do just that. Here’s how: The Chromebook is a great way to get started with a web-based computer that is light, easy to use, and inexpensive. The lightweight, fully-featured operating system allows you to access a wide variety of web-based services with a single sign-on. If you have a Chromebook, you can print from your Chrome browser or any compatible printer, but you can’t easily connect your Chromebook to a printer that is connected to your local network.

Will a Canon printer work with a Chromebook?

If you own a Chromebook and a Canon printer, you might wonder if the two will work together. The answer is that the two devices support different types of printing, so you’d need to buy specific adapters to make the two work together. If you have a Canon printer, you can connect it to your Chromebook using a USB cable. Plug the printer’s USB cable into your Chromebook, then plug the other end of the USB cable into your printer. You will now be able to print from your Chromebook, if it has a compatible driver.

Why is my Chromebook not finding my printer?

Have you ever wanted to get more done on your Chromebook, but your printer isn’t available on Google Play? Well, you’re in luck. I show you exactly how to connect your Chromebook to your Canon printer. I have a HP M1118 and an Epson printer that I can print to with no problem. I tried the same with my Chromebook and I get a message that says ‘no printer is connected’. I have the same setup on my desktop and my phone. I’ve tried unplugging and replugging, resetting the network and computer settings…I just want my Chromebook to be able to print to the printer. Any help would be appreciated.

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