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How to install Motor Replays on Kodi

Motor Replays is a Kodi add-on for the popular and free media player software, Kodi. It allows Kodi to output the media files on the television, regardless of the computer’s hardware specifications. Motor Replays is essentially a Kodi fork of the popular Demonoid add-on, which has been renamed Motor. Along with the add-on itself, this tutorial will teach you how to install the Motor Replays on Kodi and begin enjoying this add-on.

Here in this tutorial, we will take you through the best methods to install Motor Replays on Kodi 17+/Krypton/Leia/Exodus. We will use the Kodil Repository because it has a lot of good add-ons, such as Plexus. If you are using a different version of Kodi, you can use this tutorial to install Motor Replays on any version of Kodi, by following the same steps.

It’s personally my favorite addon, and honestly I find it useful for fun and to pass the time. I would like to say that this addon is packed with all kinds of racing content from all over the world, BSB, WSB, MotoGP, World, Rallycross, EU Rallycross, FIM Speedway, TORC, V8 and many more.

You will also find a 24-hour cycling channel in HD quality. The latest version of this excellent addon includes an extensive collection of TV channels that you’re sure to love.

So, if you want to watch fast content in your living room, install Motor Replays on Kodi using the guide below. Motor Replays will become your favorite addon and will always be relevant. Here you will find a lot of material, from motorcycles to Formula 1 and more. It’s just a click, follow the instructions below to easily install Motor Replays now.

Categories of engine repeats

  • Moto GP
  • AMA
  • FIM
  • Documentaries
  • Duration of the accident
  • MXGP
  • MX2
  • AMA Pro
  • Nascar Sprint
  • Xfinity Nascar Cup
  • Indycar
  • Rallycross World RX
  • European passenger cars
  • World and British Superbikes
  • GP2 and GP3 Series
  • Formula 1

How to install engine replays on Kodi 16 Jarvis

  1. First go to the home screen
  2. Choose a system
  3. Choose File Manager
  4. Click on Add a source
  5. Select from the top field.
  6. In the lower field, select ARES PROJECT
  7. Press OK.
  8. Now go back to the startup screen
  9. Choose a system
  10. Click on Addons
  11. Select zip install
  12. Select the ARES project
  13. Click on
  14. Pending notifications
  15. Installation from a repository
  17. Video Attachments
  18. Select engine repeats
  19. Select Install
  20. Pending notifications
  21. Everything is ready.

Engine ReplaysHow to install engine replays on Kodi 17 Krypton

  1. Download Kodi 17 Krypton.
  2. Download Kodi 17
  3. Go to the home screen
  4. Select Addons
  5. Press the Settings button
  6. Include unknown sources
  7. Back home.
  8. Select the Settings button again
  9. Click on the file manager
  10. Add a source
  11. Enter in the upper field.
  12. Enter ARES PROJECT in the lower field.
  13. Select OK
  14. Back to HOME screen
  15. Addons
  16. Browser Add-on
  17. Installation from a Zip file
  18. Select the ARES project
  19. Select
  20. Wait until you are notified that the add-on is activated.
  21. Installation from a repository
  22. Select the ARES project
  23. Select video add-ons
  24. Now select the engine repeats
  25. Install
  26. FliXanity is now installed and ready to use

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