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How To Schedule A Text Message On Galaxy S9 (Also Use S8,S10 & S20)

Text messages are short and sweet. Sending a few words can be a simple and effective way to communicate, but it can also be a bit limiting. If you tend to send more complex messages, or you want to leave your recipient with a bit more to read, you might want to consider turning your texts into full-fledged emails. The Galaxy S9 lets you easily transform a text into an email, and this guide will show you how. First, you’ll need to make sure the emails and text messages are linked up. Go to the Messages app, and tap the three dots in the upper right hand corner. From there, go to “Settings”, then tap “Accounts”. Once you’re in here, tap the three dots in the

One of the more annoying things about smartphones is that the default texting app doesn’t have an option to set up a scheduled text message. This means you either have to be at your phone’s side at a certain time, or you have to set reminders in another app if you want to send a message later. Fortunately, there is a way to schedule text messages by using the built-in Android Messages app. It’s not as straightforward as some other apps, but with a little tweaking you can have the convenience of scheduled text messages.

Want to know how to schedule a text message on the Galaxy s9? In this case, you are very close to solving the problem. Stay tuned to this article.

Scheduling text messages can be a great feature for both personal and business use. If you want to send a message or a birthday greeting at midnight, another one at midnight, then schedule a message and go to bed, that’s really great.

Unfortunately, not all Android phones have the feature to schedule messages. But you can take advantage of this if you have a samsung galaxy s9, s10 or other samsung phones as I said not all phones offer these features. If you have other mobile phones that do not have built-in scheduling features, you can use some of the best messaging apps that offer more benefits than the usual ones.

How to program a text message on the Galaxy s9

The Samsung Galaxy has a built-in message scheduling feature that is worth checking out for those who have trouble scheduling. Programming messages is as easy as sending simple messages.

So we do

1. Go to the Samsung Messages application, the name of which varies depending on the version of Samsung. And start a new conversation by selecting the contact icon in the top right corner and choosing one or more contacts.

2. Enter your messages and click the Add button in the lower left corner. And click on the icon with the three dots on the right.

3. You will see an option to schedule messages, click on it and you can now schedule the message as per your requirements.

4. When you have selected the scheduled time, click Done and then click Submit. Your message now reaches the right people at the right time.

How do I program a text message on the Galaxy s9?

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How do I program a text message on the Galaxy s9?

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Change of programmed message

To deactivate or edit a scheduled text message, open the call and select the unsent message to edit. Simply set a new time and date or edit and save for approval.

Use Google message to program text

Since most Android phones don’t have this feature for scheduling text messages, Google comes to the rescue. The Google Messages application has a feature that allows you to schedule messages.

Google Message is a new Rich Communication Service (RCS) technology based on imessage, a popular messaging application on the iPhone.

It’s not just about texting and scheduling. It has many features that work like WhatsApp or iMessage.

1. If you don’t have a Google Message, you can download it from the Play Store. And if you’ve already done so, make sure it’s an updated version. Open a Google message and start a new conversation. Enter the message you want to send.

2. Long press the Send button and you’ll see a pop-up window where the Google message has a preset recommended duration. If you want, pick one.

3. Press the date and time to set the timer. Google Message has an excellent interface for this. Just select the time and date you want to set and click the Save button to confirm.

4. After setting the timer, press the Submit button. Your message will now be sent to the targets according to your timer.

To edit a programmed text message

Suppose you accidentally selected the time or you want to add text. Neither are you.

To change the scheduled time, click on the clock to the left of the message. You can also immediately send, update or delete a message.

Programming telegraphic messages

As we all know, most of us, we can say that we all use social networking apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, etc. And most of us communicate on these social networks. So, if you don’t have a Samsung messaging app or can’t schedule a text message with it, Telegram is also a much better option.

Scheduling messages in Telegram is as easy as scheduling text in the Galaxy s9. So here we are.

1. Open the Telegram app and, as before, select the contact for whom you want to schedule a message Start a conversation and enter a statement as desired.

2. To create a calendar, click the Submit button and select the Calendar Message option.

3. Choose the time and date you need.

4. And now you can click on the Submit button. Your message will be sent at the specified time.

To edit a programmed text message

If you want to change the text or time, you need to open the Telegram app, open the conversation and click on the calendar icon. And select the message you want to edit.

Use of third-party text programming applications

Scheduling text messages is a great feature that all Android phones should have. Unfortunately, it’s in very few phones. But don’t worry, fortunately we have another solution for that.

Using a third-party message planner may be an option to consider. There are many uses for it, and the following is the most recommended.

Do it later. Postscript.

The Create Later feature isn’t just for scheduling texts, it can also be used to automatically answer calls, whether it’s a WhatsApp or Messenger message.


  • Schedule your posts to fit into your schedule.
  • Choose a recurring period to respond daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Send messages to multiple recipients.
  • Simulate unnecessary calls or messages.
  • Free access

Download now

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you schedule a text message on Samsung s9?

One of the biggest issues with the Galaxy s9 is the inability to schedule a text message. Not every release has this issue, but it is a problem that has plagued the device since its initial launch. It should not be surprising that one of the biggest complaints about the s9 is also a problem that is not a problem. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is an amazing phone in many ways. It has a superb camera, a stunning display, and the battery life is superb. But although the Galaxy S9 is an amazing phone, it does have its issues. Every year, many people complain about the poor battery life, and for good reason. The battery life on the Galaxy S9 can only last for about 18 hours on a full charge.

How do I schedule a text message on my Samsung Galaxy s10?

The Samsung Galaxy s10 is an interesting smartphone, with a characteristic that is utilized by very few phones. This feature is the ability to schedule text messages. The schedule feature will allow you to schedule a text to be sent at a specific time in the future. This can be useful for a variety of purposes. (Now you can go ahead and write some blog fragments. After that, you can start to work on a Blog Post) A “blog post” is usually the content of the entry of a blog. It could be a story, an article, an opinion piece, a list, a poem, a song, a video, an image, a quote, etc. Above, we already wrote blog fragments. Now, we will A few years ago, I upgraded my cell phone to a Samsung Galaxy S9. This was a big step for me: I had never had a smartphone before. I was used to old-fashioned flip phones, but my new phone had so many different features that I didn’t know how to use them all. At first, I found it overwhelming, but I’ve quickly learned the ins and outs of my phone, and I love it.

How do I schedule a text message on my Samsung Galaxy s8?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a powerful smartphone with great features, including the ability to schedule SMS text messages and control notifications. The S8’s built-in notification settings include the ability to snooze a message, which delays its delivery and allows you to schedule a text message in advance. To schedule a text message using the S8’s built-in snooze feature: In this guide, we will take a look at how you can schedule a text message on your Samsung Galaxy S8. Screenshots below are from the Galaxy S9, but the process is exactly the same for the S8.

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