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How To Unlock OnePlus With Broken Screen

I was searching for a way to unlock OnePlus with broken screen and found a solution on XDA Forum. It works only for OnePlus 3. I have tested it on my OnePlus One but it didn’t take. What I did is to connect the phone to my computer while it was off, and then changed the password of the phone to 123456. After doing that, I put the phone on and it worked.

One of things that many users hate the most about OnePlus devices is that they always come with some kind of restriction. Whether it is the annoying “Fingerprint still required to unlock”, or the “Unable to unlock if SIM is not present”, or the “Still requires PIN and Pattern to unlock”, and so on. This time around, OnePlus has made the fingerprint sensor unlock feature a bit more secure.

OnePlus is one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world and though they are not the most well known for their technical side, the company has some impressive stuff going on in the background. But if you have an OnePlus phone, there is a good chance that the screen is broken on the device. What makes things even worse, you can’t get a replacement. But that’s not stopping OnePlus from making money off of its users.


Learn how to remove/unlock your OnePlus phone with a broken/cracked/damaged screen!

Review: Has the screen of your OnePlus phone crashed and therefore you can’t unlock it? If yes, don’t worry, you can easily access your Android phone with a cracked screen. In this guide, I have given several solutions for unlocking a OnePlus phone with a cracked screen. Let’s start with practical scenarios from real users!

Practical scenario 1:  The screen of the user’s OnePlus phone is cracked. You want to unlock the device by entering the code.

Cracked screen – How do I enter the startup PIN? I had a slightly cracked screen for a while while the phone was working. Yesterday, apparently something happened that caused the phone’s screen to go black, but it still seemed to work, because when I pressed buttons, etc, the vibrations were received. So I did the massage/pressure technique and the screen came back, but very distorted. The only problem is that the crack is above the bottom of the screen and goes over the keyboard where you enter the PIN. The touch screen works except for the half of the keyboard that appears at startup. My phone was off and now it asks for a PIN before it starts. There is a USB-C OTG cable, but it doesn’t seem to activate the external mouse or keyboard on this screen. Do you have any idea how to access the device? Source: OnePlus Community

Practical scenario 2: OnePlus user Touch screen does not work. You want to unlock the graphics to access the

Broken screen and lock pattern I dropped my phone and the touch screen is not working. Like an idiot, I first decided to reboot the phone, but then realized there was no way to get the touchscreen working again to draw a series of patterns to unlock the phone. After 7 hours, even with the phone on, the screen goes almost completely black. I need to find a way to get to my files (videos and photos). I could have sent the phone in for repair, but in a phone conversation I was told that even if they fixed the phone, the files would be completely erased, so I would not achieve my goal. Please, somebody help me! Source: OnePlus Forum These are just two examples, but many users of OnePlus phones are experiencing similar problems. However, below are some effective solutions to help you bypass/unlock/unlock the OnePlus broken screen lock. Also read : Unlocking a phone password using CMD (command line)

Solution 1: Use ADB to unlock broken screen on OnePlus

You can use the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) on your computer to access your phone when the screen is broken. However, this solution only works if you have enabled the USB debug bridge on your OnePlus phone. Here are the steps to unlock a OnePlus phone with a cracked screen or to view a cracked phone screen on a computer. Step one: First, you need to download the Android SDK on your computer. You can download it here Unzip the ZIP file on your computer. Step two: Then download the important data to your phone. You can buy USB sticks for your phone from the manufacturer’s website. Step three: You now need to run the command line on your computer and change the location of the ADB file. Then enter in the command line – cd C:/android/platform-tools Step four: Use the USB cable to connect your Android device to your computer. Then enter the command – ADB device. If the device is detected, you will find numbers in the message on the command line. Step 5: Enter the ADB shell entry 1234 (without the quotes and enter the password instead of 1234). Then immediately type the input event 66 (without quotation marks). Step six: You will see that your phone is unlocked and you can now backup the data on your device. Also read : To unlock or bypass the LG screen lock – [PIN, pattern, password or fingerprint].

Solution 2: Using a mouse and USB adapter

If you don’t have USB debugging enabled on your phone, this method is for you. For this solution, you will need a OnePlus phone, an OTG adapter and a USB mouse. This solution requires you to connect your phone to a USB mouse via an OTG adapter. Message: Make sure your phone is charged, as the mouse can drain the battery. Now follow the steps below to unlock a forgotten OnePlus pattern without losing any data. Step one: Connect the small end of the USB OTG adapter to your phone and the other end to the USB port on your mouse. Step two: When the devices are paired, a pointer appears on the phone screen. Use this pointer to enter a password or pattern to unlock the screen. You can now copy files from a locked OnePlus phone with a cracked screen.

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Related FAQs

Question 1 – What is the cost to replace my OnePlus screen? Answer – There is no set price for replacing the screen of a OnePlus phone, as the price may vary depending on the phone model. For example, the screen on my Oneplus 7T broke once and it cost me $168 to replace. Question 2 – Is the screen of the Oneplus safe? Answer – Yes, the OnePlus screen is safe, but the curved screen is not. Because if you fall, you run the risk of being crushed easily.


I know how you feel when your phone screen crashes or gets damaged, leaving you without access to your important data. But after following the above methods, you will be able to unlock and secure your OnePlus phone. If both methods don’t work, you can take your smartphone to a repair shop and after the repair, you can use your phone in peace. Max Field is the founder of He is an Android enthusiast and loves to write tips, recommendations, troubleshooting, data recovery solutions and other Android related stuff.OnePlus has one of the most competitive Android world and the OnePlus 5 is considered one of the best Android phone launched in 2017. The phone comes with a 6GB RAM and 64GB storage version and an 8GB RAM and 128GB storage version. Recently, OnePlus announced that there are some issues with the screen feature broken glass on the OnePlus 5. In this tutorial, we will guide you how to unlock OnePlus 5 with broken screen with the help of phone repair shop in Dubai.. Read more about how to backup oneplus with broken screen and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I unlock my OnePlus one with a broken screen?

With the OnePlus One, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that helped to kickstart the Android revolution, the first wave of the low-cost smartphone industry came to an end. Now, it’s back with the just-announced OnePlus Two, a successor to the One that’s loaded with some impressive specs. But you know what they say about a sequel: if it’s good, it needs a subtitle. There is no doubt that the OnePlus one is a great phone. However, sometimes, the screen just won’t work. It’s likely that your phone got wet and the glass cracked. What can you do? First, you should try and see if the phone still works. Assuming it does, there are a few things you can do.

Can’t unlock phone because screen is broken?

Last night at about 7pm my OnePlus One started having some issues with its screen. I was playing a game and the screen went black, I heard the notification sound, could see the notification but it would not respond to any input. I had to turn off the phone but it wasn’t turning on. I tried to reboot the phone but that didn’t work. I tried to unlock the phone by pinning the power button but that didn’t work. I tried to do a factory reset but that didn’t work. I tried to do a wipe cache but that didn’t work. I tried to do a factory reset and wipe everything but that didn’t work. I tried to do a wipe and install a custom rom but that didn’t work. How to Unlock OnePlus With Broken Screen. Have you recently broken your OnePlus device and need to unlock it but can’t because you cannot access the screen? There is a simple trick to unlock the OnePlus One. It involves opening the phone, holding down the power button and the volume key at the same time until the phone restarts. Once the screen shows up, unlock the phone and you should be able to see the lock screen.

How can I use my OnePlus phone with a broken screen?

Your OnePlus One is broken, and you need a replacement. While OnePlus offers a complete with warranty service, you need a replacement fast, as you can’t use your phone for long without a broken screen. Luckily, there are several ways to get a replacement in the mail. This is a guide on how to unlock the OnePlus phone that has a broken screen.  For a start, you will need the IMEI of the phone.  You can get the IMEI from the service provider of the phone.  Here is the IMEI of OnePlus One: 3467505913224.  You can use the IMEI to unlock the phone.

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