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Pandas pct_change() to compute percent change across columns/rows

This question originally appeared on Quora. I see what you did there. Before I go into why, let’s talk about why you shouldn’t be doing it. Mainly because pandas % change() is an awful way to do it. Here’s the synopsis from the documentation: “”” The % operator is a unary operator that returns the remainder of one number divided by another. In other words, it returns the number left over when its first argument is divided by its second argument. The % operator has a single integer argument and a single integer result. Note that the non-integer arguments must be integers. “””

Pandas pct_change() to compute percent change across columns/rows Pandas pct_change() is a Python function that can be used to get the percent change across columns/rows of a DataFrame. The function does that using a Pandas formula. In this blog post, we will explain how to use pct_change() and then explain how to use it to calculate percent change across columns/rows of a DataFrame.

Code a Python function that takes in a list of data, computes the percent change across each column or row and returns the results. The function should have a single parameter, which is a list of data.

In this lesson, we will see how to calculate the percentage change for the values in each column. By default, the pandas function pct_change() calculates for each value in the column the percentage change from the previous item in the column. Another way to think about it is this. Calculates the percentage change from the immediately preceding row. The pandas function pct_change() is extremely useful for comparing the percentage change in time series data. Pandas pct_change() word-image-6560 First we load the Pandas library and create some dummy time series data. Import pandas as pd Let’s create a data frame with the profits of the top technology companies over the last four years. We have income by company in the form of lists. year=[2017, 2018, 2019, 2020] facebook=[159340000, 221120000, 184850000, 291460000] google=[12662000000, 307360000, 343430000, 402690000] microsoft=[254890000, 165710000, 39240000, 442810000] From these four lists we can create a Pandas data frame. df = pd.DataFrame({facebook:facebook, google:google, microsoft:microsoft}, index=year) In our toy time series data, we have three columns (companies) and a year as an index. df facebook google microsoft 2017 159340000 12662000000 254890000 2018 221120000 307360000 16571000000 2019 184850000 343430000 39240000000 2020 291460000 40269000000 4428100000000

Pandas function pct_change() to calculate the percentage change

We can use the pct_change() function and calculate the percentage change in sales for each company from the previous year. df.pct_change() You can see that the first line is NaN because there is nothing before it. And for the other lines, we have the percentage change in profit from one year to the next. facebook google microsoft 2017 NaN NaN 2018 0.387724 1.427421 -0.349876 2019 -0.164029 0.117354 1.367992 2020 0.576738 0.172553 0.128466 By default, pct_change() calculates with rows. df.pct_change(axis=rows) We can also calculate the rate of change relative to the columns with the axis=columns argument. Since the percentage change of column makes no sense in this example, we transpose the dataframe before using pct_change(). df.T.pct_change(axis=columns) 2017 2018 2019 2020 facebook NaN 0.387724 -0.164029 0.576738 google NaN 1.427421 0.117354 0.172553 microsoft NaN -0.349876 1.367992 0.128466 We can also specify the rows we want to use to calculate the percentage change using the period argument. A z. B. to calculate the percentage change from the two previous years or series, the argument period=2 is used. Here, we essentially compare 2019 sales to 2017 sales and 2020 sales to 2020 sales. That’s why we have NaN in the first two lines. This argument is extremely useful when comparing quarterly changes in profit/sales. f.pct_change(periods=2) facebook google microsoft 2017 NaN NaN 2018 NaN NaN 2019 0.160098 1.712289 0.539488 2020 0.318108 0.310157 1.672198I have been playing a lot of Pokemon these days. I started the series as a boy with the Red / Blue version in 1996, but the most recent games came out in the 3DS and the franchise feels like it is a lot more than just a game. This gave me the opportunity to learn how the games work, how the world works and how things work.. Read more about pandas pct_change freq example and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate percentage change in pandas?

Pandas pct_change() is a simple python function that lets you compute percentage change across two columns or rows. For example, given two numeric columns named a and b, we can calculate the percentage change in a by calling: print(pct_change(a, b)) All of the tutorials I’ve seen for pandas’ pct_change() function simply show the following: print(pct_change(A, B)) which is obviously not very useful as an actual function.

How do I find the percentage difference between two columns in pandas?

* If you want to find differences/percentages between two columns in pandas, then you have to use pandas-pct_change() (the pct_change() function is also known as the “% change” function). In the previous section, we learned how to use the pct_change() function in pandas to compute the percent change across columns. However, there is a cool little trick you can do to get a relative percent change based on only 2 columns, namely:

How do you calculate percent change in Python?

If you want to calculate the percent change of a column or row of a data frame, you can do this using Pandas PctChange() function. Let’s say we are interested to know how our weight has changed across the year. We have a data frame with weight (in pounds), date (in date), and age (in years): weight_2012 = pd.DataFrame(pd.Series([1, 25, 35, 45, 55], columns=[‘weight’], index=[‘year’]) weight_2012 1 25 35 45 55 Python is a great language for scientific computations. It has a good set of scientific data types to handle big data, and a powerful library to do numerical computations. However, Python doesn’t have a built-in function to perform a percent change calculation.

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Opera vs Vivaldi: Which browser wins?

Ever since Opera launched its Presto engine, it has emerged as one of the leading browsers in terms of stability, speed and security. The company plans to bring a lot more high-end features to its browser in the coming months, such as real-time translation, speed dial and features from Vivaldi, which is powering Opera’s new tab page.

If you’re here, you’ve probably heard of Opera and Vivaldi, two very popular web browsers. They’re both very good products, and they’re both unparalleled in their own way. So, which one is better? The answer might surprise you: It’s Vivaldi.

Opera and Vivaldi are two of the world’s most popular browsers, and they’re both vying for your attention. But which one is best? Do they even have a shot? We set about finding out.


Since both browsers are based on the same rendering engine, you can expect them to work the same way. Whether you’re browsing the web or streaming video, the basic features work seamlessly across both browsers. For a detailed comparison of the browsers, we tested their compatibility, speed and performance on some benchmark sites. For the first test, we used the popular HTML5Test benchmarking site. The browser is tested and rated on its ability to support HTML5 in various categories. Opera got 518 out of 555 points, while Vivaldi did slightly better with 528 points. The slight increase in the Vivaldi test is insignificant, as both browsers use HTML5 equally well. For the next test, we used JetStream2, a popular JavaScript and WebAssembly benchmarking package that evaluates a browser for speed of execution, code execution, and smoothness. After rigorous testing, Opera’s browser came out on top of Vivaldi by a wide margin. A similar picture was seen in the Kraken benchmark, where Opera beat Vivaldi by a small margin. However, with current usage, it is unlikely that you will notice a difference in either browser. If you’re wondering which browser consumes the most resources and taxes your system the most, you should know that no browser does. Instead, both browsers were able to use system resources without affecting performance. It also helps that Opera and Vivaldi have a built-in ad blocker, so you don’t need to add a third-party ad blocker extension. We will discuss this in more detail in the Features section below.


If you’ve only used Chrome and Edge in the recent past, you’ll be surprised how much Opera and Vivaldi have focused on a few browser features. These browsers are not just tools for surfing the web, as they are constantly striving to add more and more features to their browsers to improve performance. Blockbuster ad Both browsers have some similar features, such as. For example, an ad blocker. Both browsers have built-in ad blockers, but neither is enabled by default. In Opera and Vivaldi, click on the shield icon to enable or disable the ad blocker for the currently opened web page. To enable it for all websites, click on the easy install icon in the top right corner of Opera and enable the ad blocker under Privacy and Security. In Vivaldi you have to go a little further to get to these settings. To enable the ad blocker, open Settings, go to Privacy, and select Block Trackers and Ads. You can also block the tracker and let the ads run if you wish. Advanced users can also create an exception list to manage blockage levels for each website in Vivaldi and Opera. Sync by It’s easy to switch from Chrome, Firefox or Edge to Opera or Vivaldi. For starters, you can import and sync all your data including your password, URLs, bookmarks, history, etc.

Run a system check for errors

Press Start Scan to check for Windows problems. Press Repair Everything to troubleshoot proprietary technology. Run a PC scan with Restoro Repair Tool to find errors that cause security problems and slowdowns. Once the scan is complete, the recovery process replaces the damaged files with new Windows files and components. Management of tabs Opera has a traditional tab manager where all open tabs are stacked at the top of the browser. But Vivaldi has these tabbed configuration options like no other. You can start by moving the tab bar, placing it to the left or right of the sidebar, or even at the bottom. You can also change the minimum width of the active tab, enable or disable pop-up thumbnails, set page title notifications, customize the page loading progress bar, and change the position of new tabs. It is possible to change tab stacking to enable two-level stacking, which allows tabs to be grouped together. This is a great way to organize tabs on devices with small screens. Additionally, clicking on the trash can icon in the toolbar will show the last closed tabs that can be restored. There is also a Tabs on Tile option that allows you to display all the tabs on a split screen. Ideal for research, as you don’t have to keep moving from one tab to another to gather information. Other tab management features of Vivaldi include searching for open tabs, saving tabs for later, putting tabs to sleep to put less strain on system resources, etc. VPN and ad blocker Opera has a number of possibilities that Vivaldi does not have. One of them is the integrated VPN. It allows you to surf the Internet anonymously without being tracked by your Internet service provider and to unblock websites that are subject to regional restrictions. Adblocker is available in both browsers. Although it is not enabled by default, you can easily enable it in the settings. Additional functions In both browsers you will find the ability to customize basic keyboard shortcuts and change trackpad movements. You create new shortcuts of your choice to add speed dialing, navigation, bookmarks, history clearing, etc. Vivaldi has a special tab for configuring mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts; you can change the gesture configuration, adjust the sensitivity and activate toggle gestures. When you open Opera, you’ll notice several applications stacked in the sidebar. These are integrated applications for social media, streaming and entertainment. You can connect to Twitch, Reddit and Discord, stream audio from YouTube Music and Apple Music, and even chat via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp right from your web browser. My Flow is another Oprea exclusive program accessible from the sidebar. This allows you to connect all your devices to My Flow to send messages and files between your mobile phone and your computer. To use the service on an Android or iOS smartphone, the Opera browser must of course be installed. This is a handy feature for those who often switch between smartphone and PC. Vivaldi offers many extra features you won’t find in Opera. Most of them are customization features that can improve your performance. Vivaldi’s Quick Commands feature allows you to execute commands with the F2 hotkey. You can use it to access calculators, bookmarks, notes, browsing history, extensions and page actions. Another interesting feature of the Vivaldi browser is the ability to create a QR code for each web page. If you don’t want to spam people with links, create a QR code, download it, and then send it to your contacts. Scanning the QR code opens a web page. Vivaldi offers several preinstalled web panels in the sidebar, including Wikipedia. These panels consist of shortcuts to your favorite websites that you can open next to your open tabs without having to go to a new tab. You can also create your own web panels to add shortcuts to services like YouTube and other social and streaming sites you use often. The History tab in Vivaldi is much more extensive than in other browsers. It offers new ways to examine your browsing habits, by showing browsing activity, types of links clicked on, and the top domains you’ve recently visited.

Transverse platform and extension bracket

No matter which browser you choose, you’ll find them on all major platforms. Vivaldi is compatible with Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS and Android platforms. Opera supports all these platforms and also offers a version for mobile phones. The support and availability of extensions is another strong point of these browsers. The Chrome Web Store is one of the main reasons for the success of Google’s browser. Chromium browsers like Opera and Vivaldi have access to almost all extensions in the Chrome Store. You can go to Vivaldi in the Chrome Web Store, find the extension and install it easily. However, Opera requires you to install a support extension in order to install and use extensions from the Chrome Store. Opera also has its own expansion shop if you want more.

Privacy and security

In one of the most important aspects of modern browsers, Opera may have an advantage over Vivaldi when it comes to privacy. These are some of the only major browsers that have a built-in ad blocker. However, Opera also has a built-in VPN client that lets you browse the web without compromising your privacy. If you need a VPN client in your browser, Opera is the best choice. Apart from the new features, most privacy settings remain the same. You can manage website settings and change tracker settings, but only Vivaldi offers three levels of tracking protection.

In the battle between opera and Vivaldi, it’s a matter of preference!

Opera and Vivaldi are two excellent browsers that go hand in hand in terms of performance, stability, security and privacy settings. While Opera offers a built-in VPN and integration with popular streaming, social media and entertainment apps, Vivaldi does not yet offer these features. But Vivaldi is no dandy either: It offers its own unique sidebar where you can add your favorite streaming services and any other site as a web application. Vivaldi’s biggest advantage, however, is a comprehensive set of features not found in any other browser. So which browser should I choose? A wide range of features does not necessarily make a browser the best choice. If you need a browser with integrated social networking and streaming applications, a VPN, and a built-in ad blocker, Opera is your best choice. Try both browsers to get a better idea of which one best suits your needs.


Maintain your online privacy while surfing the web at top speed with this great browser of today! Website Free Still having problems? Repair them with this tool:

  1. Download this PC recovery tool with excellent reviews on (download starts on this page).
  2. Click on the Start Scan button to scan for Windows issues that may be causing the PC problems.
  3. Click Repair All to fix problems with patented technology (exclusive discount for our readers).

Restoro was downloaded by 0 readers this month.Ok, so this is a huge topic. On the one hand, Opera has been in the browser game since the early 2000’s. On the other hand, Vivaldi has only just started its existence. The truth is there is no clear winner between these two—and this fact may surprise many who have grown accustomed to the idea that there is only one browser that is better than all the others.. Read more about opera vs vivaldi vs brave and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vivaldi browser better than opera?

For most users, your primary web browser is the most important application on your computer. When it comes to browsers, there are two that haven’t been mentioned yet: Opera and Vivaldi. Opera is the old contender here. In fact, Opera is the only browser that hasn’t been bought by Microsoft. Instead, it’s still being developed by the Norwegian company behind it. The browser has a long history, itself. It was originally invented in 1994 by a former employee of Netscape (an American web browser developer). The browser was originally called Phoenix, but was rebranded with a new name in 1997. Opera, which was the first browser to offer a built-in ad blocker, has been around a lot longer than Vivaldi. The newcomer, which is built on the Chromium codebase, is also a faster and more powerful browser. But there are many features that Opera offers that Vivaldi lacks.

Is Vivaldi better than Opera GX?

Ever since the release of Opera Presto, which introduced the new tab page, it’s been a tough choice for which browser to use. The new Opera GX adds to the battle with Vivaldi, with an improved start page and fast JavaScript engine. Opera may be one of the oldest browsers around, but it has never been stronger than it is right now. Two browsers, two very different views on the web. Opera is an all-in-one solution that brings the Web to life, while Vivaldi is a browser that puts a lot of emphasis on privacy and security. And both browsers are quite good, but can they be compared?

Is Vivaldi safer than chrome?

Opera Software and Vivaldi are both browser based software that can be downloaded and used for browsing the internet. They are both judged by browser security and privacy. The following article compares their features and usability. Others may prefer Opera, which makes it a more natural environment for many users. Vivaldi, meanwhile, is particularly well-suited for power users, with its distinctive interface, unique features, and a more privacy-conscious approach to security. Vivaldi’s performance is comparable, or even better, than Chrome’s. It also features the same built-in malware scanner and VPN support as Chrome.

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WWDC 2021 rumour roundup: 5 key talking points

If you’re interested in rumours about Apple’s next-generation iPhones and iPads, then you’ll want to read this article. I’ll be digging through the gossip surrounding the next major product releases from the tech giant, and will be updating it as new information comes out about the new phones and tablets. I’ll also be keeping a running tally of which rumours are credible, and which seem to be little more than conjecture.

The WWDC 2019 keynote has [almost] come to an end, and the rumour mill has been well and truly spun up to prepare.

“You’ve probably heard the rumours by now, but just in case: WWDC 2021 is going to be in June. It’s a Friday this year. It will be held in San Francisco. You could see at least one appearance by the Cupertino-based company’s CEO Tim Cook, and possibly a few others. But that’s about it.

Apple’s developer extravaganza, the Worldwide Developers Conference, is fast approaching and, as usual, rumors are starting to circulate. WWDC 2021 will begin on June 7 at 1 p.m. ET and finishes in 11th. June. As you get ready to watch another well-produced video showcasing Apple’s latest technologies, here’s what to expect from WWDC 2021. While Apple doesn’t usually unveil new hardware during WWDC, there will likely be a new Macbook this year. According to a report from Bloomberg, the new Macbook Pros could be released in early summer, which could very well mean WWDC. These new laptops are expected to feature Apple’s next-generation silicon, which should be a significant improvement over the current M1 chips. Since M1 chips are already way ahead of the competition, this could be even more impressive. New Apple M1 Macs Announced for November 2020 word-image-2630 Apple is rumored to have two chips planned for the new Macbook. Both are expected to have eight powerful cores and two low-power cores, with a choice of 16 or 32 graphics cores. Moreover, the maximum RAM would be 64 GB, which is significantly more than the Macbook M1 with 16 GB. Finally, we may see the return of some ports from the 2016 Macbook design. This includes a MagSafe charging port, an HDMI port, and even an SD card slot. However, it is intended to replace the touchpad with function keys. In the news: TikTok now collects more data, including face and voice prints While not much is known about iOS 15 yet, we could see significant improvements in notifications and iMessage. A future update will allow you to categorize notifications, for example. B. Work, Drive, or even create your own categories so users can see similar notifications at the same time. Automatic responses are also provided based on the notification settings. Let’s move on to iMessage. Apple is trying to make iMessage a social network and trying to outdo Whatsapp. However, many of these new features are still in the early stages of development and may not be announced until WWDC. iPad users can expect major home screen updates, such as the ability to pin widgets anywhere. Since the M1-based iPad has already been announced, we can assume that these upgrades will make use of the extra power. Finally, Apple is also planning a feature that will let you see which apps are collecting data without sound. Apple’s announcement in May about accessible features could also become a reality in iOS 15. Just like the rumors about the Macbook Pro, there are many rumors about the new Macs. According to the same Bloomberg report, Apple is preparing a new Macbook Air, a low-end Macbook Pro, a Mac Pro Workstation, a high-end Mac Mini and a larger iMac. All of these devices will run on Apple’s own silicon. MacM1 computers to be unveiled at Apple spring event April 2021 word-image-2631 A redesigned high-end Macbook could be unveiled later this year. The new Mac Mini could have the same processor under the hood as the new Macbook Pros, while the new Mac Pro is expected to be Apple’s most powerful device this year. As with most of Apple’s software updates this year, we know almost nothing about them. However, there are whispers that the macOS update could be quite small, as the operating system received a major update last year with the Big Sur update, We might also see a brand new operating system from Apple – homeOS. The operating system was recently mentioned in an Apple job posting, but was later removed. We don’t know exactly what device this operating system will run on, but judging by the name, it will likely run on home devices like the HomePod Mini and Apple TV. While it’s unlikely since the headset won’t hit the market until 2022, Apple could still surprise us. The headsets are reportedly quite expensive, around $3,000, and are reportedly equipped with 8K screens and a dozen cameras. Surprisingly, the mixed reality headset we’re talking about could weigh less than 150 grams, according to a research note from Ming-Chi Kuo obtained by 9To5Mac. News: Facebook F8 Renewal 2021: Artificial intelligence and API changes are on the rise word-image-2632 Someone who writes, edits, films, presents technology programs and races virtual machines in their spare time. You can contact Yadullah at [email protected] or follow him on Instagram or Twitter.The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is the biggest Apple event of the year: it is when all the important announcements and product launches are made. This year, Apple will be announcing the next-generation of the Mac and iPad Pro tablets, the iOS 12 software update, and the latest version of the MacBook Pro. The company will also show off new features for its software, services and hardware.. Read more about wwdc 2021 wallpaper and let us know what you think.

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Scanner driver supporting this software isn’t installed

It’s a big problem often faced by users of the Windows 10 OS, particularly those of the Store edition. For some reason, the apps from the Store can’t be installed on a scanner. There’s a solution. The problem is that the scanner driver supporting this software isn’t installed.

It may sound like a silly question, but have you ever had one of those days when you were in the middle of any task, and then realized that the scanner driver supporting your software wasn’t installed, and couldn’t be installed because of some stupid thing like running out of disk space or not being able to logon to the printer or whatever? Well, the only way to work around this is to hold the power button down for a few seconds to turn the machine off. You might think that’s a little too extreme, but it’s better than having to reboot and suffer the same fate.

Scanner driver supporting this software isn’t installed! The error message at the top of the screen is clear – the scanner driver supporting this software isn’t installed. There’s nothing else you can do in this situation except to restart the computer and hope that the scanner will restart with the installed driver.. Read more about a scanner driver supporting this software is not installed and let us know what you think.This can be a big problem, especially if you need to scan documents frequently, but there are several ways to solve this problem.

What can I do if the scanner driver is not installed?

1. Download latest drivers

  1. Go to the Canon driver download page.
  2. Select Scanner from the device list.
  3. Now select your scanner model.
  4. Click the Download button to retrieve the driver.
  5. After downloading the driver, double click on the installation file to install it.

Message: If the Windows 10 driver is not available, you can use the Windows 7 driver instead.

2. Use special software to update drivers

Downloading drivers manually can sometimes be a tedious task, so it is best to use special driver update software that can do this automatically. In most cases, the current drivers for your PC’s hardware and peripherals are not updated properly by the system. There are important differences between the generic driver and the manufacturer’s driver. Finding the right driver version for each of your hardware components can be tedious. Therefore, an automated wizard can help you find the right drivers and update your system every time, and we recommend DriverFix.Follow these simple steps to safely update your drivers:

  1. Download and install DriverFix.
  2. Start the software.
  3. Wait until all defective drivers are detected.
  4. DriverFix will show you all drivers that have problems and you only need to select the one you want to fix.
  5. Wait until the application has downloaded and installed the latest drivers.
  6. Restart the computer for the changes to take effect.


Make sure the drivers for the components of your PC are working properly without endangering your computer. Denial: This program must be upgraded from the free version to perform specific actions.

3. Use Windows 7 or an older version of thedriver instead.

  1. Go to the Cannon drivers page and search for your device.
  2. When choosing the driver, make sure you choose the driver for Windows 7.
  3. Extract the contents of the .exe file with WinRAR.
  4. Press Windows key + X and select Device Manager from the list.
  5. Find your scanner in the list, right click on it and select Update Driver.
  6. Select Scan my computer for drivers.
  7. Click the Browse button and locate the files you extracted in step 3.
  8. Click Next and the driver should be updated manually.

Many users have reported that this method has helped them resolve the error A scanner driver that supports this software is not installed, so we recommend that you try it as well.

4. Remove driver and driver software

  1. Open the Device Manager.
  2. Locate your device, right click on it and select Uninstall Device.
  3. Select the Remove drivers for this device check box and click Remove.
  4. Now go to the application settings and go to Apps.
  5. Locate and select the scanner software and click Uninstall.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the uninstall process.
  7. Press Windows key + R and type %localappdata%. Press Enter or OK.
  8. Go to the Temp folder. Delete all files and folders in this folder.
  9. Go back to the local folder and delete the HP folder. If you are using a different brand of scanner, remove the catalog for that brand.
  10. Restart your computer.

This is one way to solve this problem, but the whole process can be much faster if you use special uninstaller software, like the one mentioned below. ⇒ Get IObit Uninstaller Troubleshooting A scanner driver that supports this software need not be complicated, and in most cases it is simply a driver problem that can be solved with the right driver. It is also important to always back up your drivers. We can only advise you to use the best driver backup software for Windows 10 for this purpose. Have you found a solution to this problem yourself? Tell us what you think in the comments below. Still having problems? Repair them with this tool:

  1. Download this PC recovery tool with excellent reviews on (download starts on this page).
  2. Click on the Start Scan button to scan for Windows issues that may be causing the PC problems.
  3. Click Repair All to fix problems with patented technology (exclusive discount for our readers).

Restoro was downloaded by 0 readers this month.Scanner drivers are the software that allow your scanner to communicate with the rest of your computer. Scan drivers are not updated for every new scanner that comes out, and they may not be compatible with your scanner at all. Installing a scanner driver can be a very tedious process, and if you have forgotten to do it, it may be impossible to make your scanner work.. Read more about a scanner driver supporting this software is not installed code 11 230 0 and let us know what you think.

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Resident Evil 5 Steam version not launching [Full Fix]

Resident Evil 5 Steam version not launching [Full Fix]. Resident Evil 5 on Steam is a great game, but it has a major flaw. When you launch the game it downloads the client, but when the client starts to update the game is not able to launch.

I have a program that keeps me from running the game to install the steam version of resident evil 5, I have tried re-installing the game and downloading the steam version… nothing works. any help on this would be great.

Resident evil 5 steam version not launching [Full Fix]

Users have reported that they cannot play the game at all. In this guide, we will show you the best methods you can use to solve this problem.

What do I do if Resident Evil 5 Steam doesn’t start?

1. Play the game in compatibility mode

  1. Go to the Resident Evil 5 installation folder. This is the default setting: C:Program FilesSteam steamappscommonResident Evil 5
  2. Find the re5dx9.exe file, right click on it and select Properties from the menu.
  3. Click on the Compatibility tab. Select Run program in compatibility mode and choose Windows 7 from the list.
  4. Click Apply and OK to save your changes.

The game then boots up in compatibility mode and the problem is solved.

2. Make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date

If the Steam version of Resident Evil 5 doesn’t work on your computer, your graphics card’s drivers may not be up to date. If so, make sure they are updated with the appropriate software. Your GPU and CPU are extremely important when it comes to playing games or running any other kind of specialized application that puts your PC hardware to the test. To keep your PC ready for every new game or heavy workload, you should use an automatic driver wizard that always updates your driver versions. Moreover, specialized software makes it easy to start the driver installation process, making it simple to use. One such program is the powerful and versatile DriverFix. Follow these simple steps to safely update your drivers:

  1. Download and install DriverFix.
  2. Start the software.
  3. Wait until the newly installed application has detected all defective drivers on your PC.
  4. A list of all drivers with problems is shown and you can select the drivers you want to fix.
  5. Wait for the driver to finish loading and for the driver to be saved.
  6. Restart the computer for the changes to take effect.


Don’t let a bad driver affect your games and installed software. Use DriverFix today and run it without any problems. Denial: This program must be upgraded from the free version to perform specific actions.

3. Copy xlive.dll to game folder

  1. Get the xlive.dll file from another computer or from another trusted source.
  2. Access to the Resident Evil 5 Steam catalog. We have given the complete path for this in solution 1.
  3. Now add xlive.dll to the Resident Evil 5 directory.

After placing the file, try restarting the game to see if the problem is resolved. Several users have reported that copying the wmvcore.dll file fixed the problem, so try that too. After moving this file to the game folder, the problem was completely solved.

4. Install the latest version of Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace

  1. Open the Settings application. This can be done quickly with the key combination Windows + I.
  2. Go to the Applications section.
  3. Select Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace and click Remove.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  5. Download Microsoft games for Windows.
  6. Install the software.

After installing the program, check if the problem of Resident Evil 5 not booting in Steam has disappeared. If Resident Evil 5 for Steam does not work on your computer, the most common cause is missing DLL files and Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace. The latest version of the game does not usually suffer from these problems. So make sure you update to avoid these and other problems. Despite Steam being a popular PC gaming platform, these problems occur from time to time. Check out our guide on what to do if your game doesn’t start on Steam. Were you able to solve this problem on your own? Let us know your decision in the comment section below.Resident Evil 5 Steam version not launching [Full Fix]. Read more about how to play resident evil 5 without games for windows live and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix steam re5?

That’s the question that has many Steam users scratching their heads. “How do I fix Steam re5?” is title of a thread on the Steam forum, which describes a scenario where Steam re5 fails to launch. People who have the same issue have posted their applications to the Steam forum ( ). As of June 20, 2014, there have been reports from more than a dozen users worldwide who have run into issues in running Steam games on the Steam version of the game. Many are running into issues with the game not launching or freezing. Others are reporting that their game is not working properly at all.

How do I play Resident Evil 5 on Steam?

It’s finally here! Resident Evil 5 is now on Steam and our resident computing expert, the amazing Nitesh, is here to help you get it up and running. He’ll show you how to get the game working on your computer and how to update your Steam client and games. Resident Evil 5 is a game that I have been waiting to play for a long time. I first saw the game advertised in the Steam catalog, back when it was released; but it was in the $30.00 – $50.00 range. That’s a bit above my budget, but I was still excited to have the opportunity to play the game. When I finally got the chance, I went to the Steam store, and found that it was now priced at $10.00. I was shocked! I immediately hopped onto the forums, and the launch flag was raised. However, the game would not launch, so I went to the Steam store, and found that it was now priced at $10.00 again. I was

Does Resident Evil 5 work on steam?

Resident Evil 5 is the latest game released in the popular survival horror game series, so it’s no surprise that some users are reporting problems with getting it to work on Steam and other services. The reason behind the problem isn’t that the game doesn’t work, but that the Steam version is a bit buggy. If you’re playing Resident Evil 5 on Steam, you might want to try adjusting the settings for your Steam client. This is a post about “Resident Evil 5 Steam version not launching [Full Fix]”. This is a problem I have been having in my “Steam” version of Resident Evil 5. So, what is the “Steam” version of “RESIDENT EVIL 5?” It is the version of the game that is released by the “Steam” download service.

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Troubleshoot: Blue Screen Recovery Error 0x0000185 on Windows 10

The problem might have something to do with the system files in your computer. Blue Screen Recovery errors 0x0000185 are often caused by corruption in your PC’s system files, which can be repaired with the help of a program called System File Checker (or SFC). To see if that’s the problem, follow the steps below: 1. Open a command prompt window by pressing the Windows key + X, typing “cmd” in the search box, and clicking on “Command Prompt”. 2. Type the following command (including the quotes) into the command prompt window: sfc /scannow 3. If System File Checker (SFC) succeeded in fixing the problem, you should get the message “Blue Screen Recovery error 0

Windows 10 comes pre-installed with a fast, reliable, and robust built-in system recovery function, known as Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). When enabled, this feature can detect and remove suspicious and unwanted software from your system using a combination of proactive and reactive techniques.

After using Windows 10 for several months, you may have come across a problem where your computer stops running without any warning. This problem usually occurs whenever Windows starts or shuts down, but you may also experience a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error, or something similar.

RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and optimize system performance word-image-1003 Getting an error on your computer can be frustrating. But it’s even more annoying when you encounter a blue screen error. One of the BSOD errors that you may encounter is the blue screen recovery error 0x0000185. This is a shutdown error, which means that you won’t be able to start your computer normally until you fix this error. While this error is common in Windows 10, it is also a very common problem in Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. The occurrence of error 0xc0000185 indicates that your operating system cannot access the necessary Windows OS files on your hard drive to boot. This simply means that your computer cannot communicate with your hard drive or that there is a problem with your system files.

What are the Causes of Blue Screen Recovery Error 0x0000185?

word-image-1004 Damaged system files: corrupt operating system files can also cause this error code to appear during the boot sequence. In this case, you can fix the problem by performing a recovery installation or a clean installation. Corrupted BCD data: Another possible cause of this problem is corrupted BCD data that prevents the boot sequence from completing. In this case, you may be able to resolve the problem by opening a command-line window from the Troubleshooting menu and running a series of commands to recreate the BCD data. Kernel subsystem problem: According to several concerned users, one of the most common causes of this problem is a corrupt kernel subsystem file that causes the boot sequence to terminate effectively. If this scenario applies, you can solve the problem by using an automatic repair utility to repair damaged subsystem components. A recent change to the operating system: It turns out that a recent update or driver installation can also break the boot sequence. Since finding the culprit, in this case, is difficult, the best solution is to use a system recovery utility to return your computer to a healthy state when the circumstances that caused the error code did not exist.

How to Solve Blue Screen Recovery Error 0x0000185 in Windows 10?

June 2021 Update:

We now recommend using this tool for your error. Additionally, this tool fixes common computer errors, protects you against file loss, malware, hardware failures and optimizes your PC for maximum performance. You can fix your PC problems quickly and prevent others from happening with this software:

  • Step 1 : Download PC Repair & Optimizer Tool (Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista – Microsoft Gold Certified).
  • Step 2 : Click “Start Scan” to find Windows registry issues that could be causing PC problems.
  • Step 3 : Click “Repair All” to fix all issues.

word-image-525 word-image-1005

Perform a System Restore

  1. Insert the Windows 10 installation media into your device.
  2. Restart the operating system.
  3. When the device boots up, you will be prompted to press any key to boot from the installation media.
  4. At this point, press any key on your keyboard.
  5. In the window that appears, select the correct time and keyboard type again.
  6. Go to Computer Repair and select Troubleshooting.
  7. In the Troubleshooting window, select Advanced Options.
  8. Click the System Restore button.
  9. After the system restore is complete, restart your operating system in normal mode.
  10. Check if error code 0xc0000185 is still displayed.

Execute a Disk Cleanup

  1. Go to the top, type Disk Cleanup, and run the tool.
  2. Select the disk you want to clean, and the tool will show you the space you can free up.
  3. Click OK and wait for the process to complete.

Your computer regularly saves temporary files and folders when you surf the Internet. These unnecessary files can cause various problems, including the 0xc0000185 error.

Unplug all devices

Faulty devices can be the cause of this annoying error code. Be sure to disconnect all devices connected to your computer, including your mouse and keyboard, if your device configuration allows it.

  1. Now restart the computer and see if the problem persists.
  2. If your computer boots normally, it means that one of your devices is not working properly and needs to be replaced.
  3. To determine the culprit, connect the devices one at a time and see if they have problems.

RECOMMENDED: Click here to troubleshoot Windows errors and optimize system performance

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Reboot your computer.
  2. Repair the BCD.
  3. Repair the BCD with the rescue media.
  4. Perform a system restore.
  5. Format the partition and reinstall Windows.

Error code 0xc0000185 means that your computer’s boot configuration data is missing, deleted, or corrupted. It also indicates that a new device may be interfering or that there is malicious software or hardware on your PC.

  1. Go to My Computer and right-click it.
  2. Go to Properties.
  3. Click the Advanced tab.
  4. Go to Startup and Recovery and click Settings.
  5. Go to System Errors and uncheck the Auto-Restart option.
  6. Save your settings by clicking the OK button.
  7. On the Select an option screen, select Troubleshooting.
  8. Click Advanced options.
  9. Click System Restore.
  10. After your computer restarts, select your account and log in.
  11. Click Next.
  12. System restore points are usually created automatically when you install a new update, driver, or application.
  13. Click Next.
  14. Click Finish to apply the restore point.

word-image-1006An improperly configured Windows 10 computer can turn into a blue screen of death. Here’s how to fix it.. Read more about error code 0xc0000185 windows 10 hp and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix error code 0x0000185?

Windows 10 is a great operating system that runs on pretty much any PC with any CPU, but it will not always work perfectly. Sometimes you may get an error message like this one: “0x0000185” or “Blue Screen”. This error code is usually caused by some software or hardware problem. The error code is usually caused by a problem in the system booting process. Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is incredibly versatile and powerful. However, it can also be unstable and vulnerable to unexpected errors. One of the most common errors that users encounter is when Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) appears.

How do I fix error 0xc000000e my computer needs to be repaired Windows 10?

Millions of PCs across the world have been infected with a new virus, which is responsible for a very annoying issue: the Blue Screen of Death (or BSOD) error. A BSOD is a system error and it will be displayed on your screen when you try to start your system, it will show a picture of blue screen with your PC’s name and operating system name on it. Lately I have been hearing more and more about the BSOD error on my friends computer. Have you seen this Error Code on your PC or Laptop? Catalyst Control Centre shows error code 0x0000185 when you see a blue screen on your machine. This blue screen error indicates a failed driver. So, how to fix it?

How do I fix blue screen recovery?

Our guide centers around Windows 10 Blue Screen Recovery Error 0x0000185, an error that can appear when a device encounters an issue during boot. This article can be used as a quick reference guide to fix any issues that cause a blue screen while booting Windows 10. If you have ever experienced a blue screen of death, we are here to help you fix the problem in a way where it will not happen again. Just follow the steps given below to resolve the issue.

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All voice actors in Valorant – Who voices Jett, Phoenix, Killjoy, and the rest?

Voice actors have a pretty grueling job. They have to get up early, rehearse for hours, and then wait around to record the lines and dialogue for the latest game. Well, with that in mind, we thought it might be interesting to try and find out the names behind some of the voice actors in Valorant.

If you’re like me, you’ve seen the names of the voice actors listed in their respective roles. If you don’t know who plays who, then check out the guide list on the Valorant wiki (link in profile).

Valorant is an MMORPG set on a parallel Earth where, as in our own world, the last days of the 21st Century have dawned. The game takes place on the continent of Valoran, which encompasses the interweaving islands of Ionia, the Blessed Isles, and the Grand Lands. The world of Valoran is inhabited by two species: humans and demi-humans.

Riot’s tactical shooter Valorant is full of interesting and deadly agents. But who speaks for these characters we love and sometimes hate, depending on which side of the rocket we’re on? Read on to find out.

Astra – Effie Nkrumah

word-image-265 Astra is Nkrumah’s first and so far only linguistic work, but we hope it will not be his last.

Fracture – David Menkin

word-image-74 The cool Swede Breech makes his appearance with great panache, played by David Menkin, who has over 30 video game credits to his name. These include Magnus from Final Fantasy XIV, Malos from Xenoblade Chronicles and Flash from LittleBigPlanet PS Vita.

Sulphur – Steve Blum

word-image-75 The captain of the team, Brimstone, is played by Steve Blum, the legendary voice of Spike in Cowboy Bebop and Wolverine in the many X-Men animated series.

Cipher block – Nabil Elouahabi

word-image-76 The receiver and voice you hear when a Cypher player spams give me a body is from Nabil Eluahabi. Before becoming a voice actor, he starred in Ali G Indahouse and Blitz, which shows the breadth of Eluahabi’s career.

Jett to Shannon Williams

word-image-77 The agile assassin Jett is played by Shannon Williams, the Korean pop star known as Shannon. This is Willimes’ first voiceover role, but you can check out his Twitch page – ArrumieShannon.

Murderous Joy – Faye Mata

word-image-78 Killjoy, a German genius, is played by a familiar face from Riot. Faye Mata imitated League of Legends champion LuLuLu, as well as Sirokate in Granblue Fantasy: Entertainment, among many other benefits.

Omen – Jason Marocha

word-image-79 The sinister voice of Omen, wherever it comes from, is Jason Maroch. From Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure to Megatron in Transformers Combiner Wars, Marocha has plenty of experience with dubbing, and Omen was no problem for him.

Phoenix to Afolabi Alli

word-image-80 The daring London superstar Phoenix shines with the voice of Afolabi Alli. This is his first appearance as a voice actor in a video game. He collaborated on the television series Split and was a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company: The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Raze – Carolina Ravassa

word-image-81 Reyes’ explosive character comes from Carolina Ravasse. She is best known for her role as Sombra in Overwatch, but was also featured in Just Cause 4 and Grand Theft Auto 5.

Reina – Carina Altamirano

word-image-82 The heartbreaking horror of Mexico, Reina is played by Carina Altamirano. Carina is best known for her work in the Spanish dubbing of Digimon Data Squad, where she created over seven voices for the series.

Sage – Naomi Young

word-image-83 The voice of Bastion of China is played by Naomi Yang. Young’s entry into dubbing came after an acting career in which she is best known for her roles in the film Lilting and the television series Poisoning in Salisbury.

Skye to Miranda O’Hara

word-image-266 O’Hara began his career in the leading Australian soap Home and Away before turning to video games. She also did the voice-over for XCOM: Chimera Squad

Owl – Aaron the Water Car

word-image-84 Scout, Owl, presented by Aaron the Waterman. This is his first foray into acting, but you’ll still see him in the movie The King’s Man, which will hit theaters in 2021.

Viper to Ashley Birch

word-image-85 A scientific viper who likes to poison her victims in the voice of Ashley Birch. In the past, Burch played Chloe Price in Life Is Strange, Scarlet in Horizon Zero Dawn and Sasha Breus in Attack on Titan.

Yoru – Daisuke Takahashi

word-image-267 Daisuke Takahashi has worked on many anime, including Devilman: Crybaby, Zankyou no Terror, Wake Up, Girls! Seishun no Kage, and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T.We are a group of gamers that love the upcoming game Valorant, we are making a podcast of our thoughts on the game and talk about the characters. This is the first post in this podcast series. This time we look at the characters that you will hear from the game. The voice actors themselves will also be heard from in future episodes.. Read more about jett voice actor and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who voices Phoenix in Valorant?

There are a lot of voices in Valorant. Most are ripped right from the English speaking world (or from the original Japanese lines). However, there are some non-native English lines for the characters in the game. Jett is voiced by Alison Lundergird, killjoy, by Chris Lindberg, Phoenix by Steve Blum, and Varknas by Adrian Wallace. However, there are a few characters that are not from that particular language. So, who voices the majority of the characters in Valorant? We all know how much voice acting means to our favorite video game titles. It is the one thing that could help make a game stand out from the rest and make it truly memorable for the player. Many developers strive to get the best voice talent possible, but getting your hands on some of the best voice actors in the industry is no easy task. The voice actors of Valorant are no exception.

Who voices jet in Valorant?

Jett is the main hero of Valve’s tactical squad shooter, Valorant , who pilots the powerful Jett Fighter . But who provides the voiceover for this hero? Obviously, Valve has their own actors in-house, but some of the characters sound a little unique. Like Jett, for example. Jett is voiced by actor Michael Bell, who is best known for his role as Michael Scott on The Office and his work on the long-running animated series King of the Hill , as well as the voice of the titular character in the Vin Diesel action series, Riddick . “Do you know who voices the characters in Valorant? They are all voice actors and you must recognize their voices because they play a huge part in making the game sound like it does. “

Who is the voice actor for killjoy?

I’ve been playing Valorant for a few months now, and I’ve been seeing a lot of new faces in Valorant these days. Some of these new faces have been from Valorant’s voice acting team, and it’s great to see that the casting department has been working hard to bring some fresh faces into Valorant. I just thought I’d do a little research and share the results with you all. Voice acting is a rewarding career—and a great way to get noticed by the entertainment industry. When you find an audience, you are given the opportunity to work on projects for a wide variety of companies and authors—from video games to animated series to television shows. If you are looking for an entry-level voice acting career, you will need to find and audition for work.

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Meet Live Home 3D Version 4

In the ever-evolving world of 3D modeling, new tools are being released all the time to make creating and editing a 3D model easier than ever. Live Home 3D is an add-on for SketchUp that allows users to create models of homes and other buildings easily, quickly and accurately. It’s incredibly easy to use, and the program is constantly being updated by the Live Home 3D team. The latest version, Live Home 3D Version 4, was just released in April, and it continues to improve on an already-excellent modeler.

Live Home 3D is a Windows-based home design application. It is a natural progression from the previous versions of the software, but it also has the benefit of having been created with simplicity in mind. Live Home 3D is more intuitive than other home design applications, and the latest version has fantastic new features that allow you to create the home of your dreams.

Live Home 3D is a free, open source interior design software for creating 3D concepts of real world home furnishings. The software’s creators argue that most 3D modeling programs are complicated and hard to use, and Live Home 3D’s simple interface makes it easy to create 3D renderings of home design concepts without having to learn computer programming. Still, if you have the patience, the program comes with a number of advanced features, such as HTML export, a powerful lighting engine, customizable materials, and scripted objects.

Live Home 3D is a powerful multifunctional solution. Whether you decide to build a new home or update your room design, it will help you easily get started on a custom home project. Installing specialized home design software for client-driven architectural experimentation is a great idea. This will make the process of building your dream home from scratch much easier. On the one hand, it helps you gain knowledge and experience in a new field. On the other hand, you have more control over the process and can visualize your ideas. If you don’t want to go through a grueling learning curve and don’t want to spend a fortune on the tool itself, Live Home 3D is worth considering.

Benefits of using Live Home 3D

Special programs that allow one to deal with virtual construction, separate from design and architecture, contribute to the success of a professional engineer’s work. Live Home 3D offers numerous templates and video tutorials to help inexperienced customers get started. There is no doubt that the combination of advanced software tools and personal involvement in the project will produce excellent results. By working with Live Home 3D, potential builders have the opportunity to visualize different versions of their future home and choose the one that looks the most attractive, functional and economical. Once the user has mastered the computer model, he or she can try out different types of roofs, test different room layouts, choose suitable materials and a suitable colour scheme. The software compatibility is also excellent. Switching from one platform to another is not a problem, so customers can use their favorite gadgets depending on the situation. It works for Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad.

New improvements in version 4

If you are looking for improvements to your future living space, Live Home 3D version 4 has them for you:

  • Improved visualization – the introduction of physics-based materials and auxiliary functions gives you a highly realistic view of your design layout. The 3D objects have been reworked and different textures and structures look more natural. For example, you can B. Change the appearance of the material, i.e. the color, roughness, thickness and gloss (metal or glass). Metal 2 technology is used to render 3D scenes on iPad, iPhone and Mac devices.
  • Terrain customization – this feature increases the versatility of the application and allows you to create a landscape around your building. Elements of different heights and shapes can be used in this part of the architecture, so your garden can easily include a pool, several paths and a hill. Height tools allow users to create interesting layouts at different levels. In this way, you can select the area of a particular color field and change its relief. The program offers a rich collection of objects that can be used for decoration. The range of plants and flowers includes, for example, B. Different varieties of crocuses, palms, lilies, cacti, etc.
  • Curtain walls – the use of this element is a good way to implement this trend in facade architecture. With Live Home 3D you can now create the most complex projects. Vina Steel Building, Kent State Center for Architecture and Environmental Design, JTI Headquarters, Silver Tower Center – these architectural examples will give you a new perspective on the unique and specific nature of curtain walls. Minor differences in functionality are possible, depending on the platform chosen. For example, the iOS/iPadOS version offers a part scanning tool, while rendering with ray tracing is available for Mac users.

word-image-14332 word-image-14333


Live Home 3D is a great example of interior design software that you should definitely try, even if you have no knowledge of interior design. It’s very simple and fun.The Live Home 3D application is a 3D house designing software. This application can be used to design your dream house. You can design the house with an advanced 3D graphic interface. By using the application, you can build your house with a number of different rooms. The application is easy to use and anyone can build a house by using it.. Read more about home design 3d vs live home 3d and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Live Home 3D free?

While some of the most popular 3D home design programs are free, Live Home 3D has always been on the pricier end of the spectrum. But Live Home 3D 4.0 is a different story: it’s now 100 percent free! This is the latest version of the program (the free 3D home design software formerly known as Live Home Designer) and includes several improvements, including the ability to import 3D objects from other programs. It’s been a while since I’ve been interested in a game, but a new game has peaked my interest: Live Home 3D. This is a 3D game that you can play on your PC. You can customize your environment, your characters, and your uniforms. You can even make your own computer games!

How do I update my live 3D home?

A few weeks ago the CEO of Live Home 3D Version 4 announced that there would be an update and he wanted to know how his loyal customers liked the changes. Many of the changes were based on their opinions and it was a success. The only thing that remained was to launch the update. While it was a success, there were some minor bugs that still needed to be fixed. The CEO wanted to know what the community thought of the changes. He also wanted to hear what the community thought the next changes should be. SkyHouse 3D is the best way to show your virtual home to others in real-time 3D. You can add it to just about any site, although we do some of the work by adding easy to use widgets to your sidebar. But what about when you make changes to your virtual home? As a member of a growing community, you want to share your new designs with others, and you definitely want to see what others have done. Readers, what will your Intro Paragraph be? I hope you have enjoyed this Series. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve this or any other post, please leave a comment on this or any other post. If you want to get in touch for any other reason,

How can I live 3D at home?

Don’t let the name fool you—Live Home 3D is not another 3D shooter or arena combat game, but an interactive 3D home. No, it’s not a real house you can walk through, but you can interact with just about everything inside of it. The biggest addition to Version 4 is the ability to customize and add your own furniture to the house. You don’t need to step into a movie theater to experience 3D: you can get a head-popping, eye-popping, mind-bending effect right in your own living room—without those annoying glasses! Live Home 3D Version 4 is a 3D-ready software, and all you need to use it is a 3D TV and a DVD player. Then, just follow these three easy steps:

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Review – Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World

In the two decades since the original Wonder Boy, the series has lost much of its original charm.  While the graphics look a little better, the game play itself is much the same as the original.  The game is an overhead adventure requiring the player to step forward or backward to avoid traps, and to activate switches and keys to open doors.  As in the original, the gameplay is fairly easy, but I found that while some doors and switches could be activated, others could not.  This is a game that is best played on single player, rather than with a friend, as no two players can play the game in the same manner.

Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World is a 1988 side-scrolling action game. The game is set in a fantasy world where you can use your own physical strength or ” attacks ” against monsters and evils. The game is set in a town that has been destroyed by monsters. The player has destroyed the monsters, but the town has been taken over by the evil. The player must save the people and the town.

Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World is a simple platformer that also has some RPG elements. You’ll be controlling Asha, a childlike character that has to fight monsters while she runs from her secret pursuers. The gameplay is very basic: you can attack or jump, depending on what kind of arrow you’ve drawn, and you can shoot arrows that will bounce off the ground, walls, and ceiling. The controls are also simple, with a “run and jump” button on the left side of the screen. The main goal of the game is to collect as many diamonds as you can before running out of time.

Of all the Sega franchises currently being developed and published by other companies, Wonder Boy is the most prolific. All thanks to the excellent releases from the two Wonder Boys: A remake of Dragon’s Trap and Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, which was a brand new Wonder Boy game except for the name. The newest game in the franchise is actually one of the most interesting projects to date. Wonderboy: Asha in Monster World is a remake of a Mega Drive game that was never released outside of Japan, which is rather odd considering the success of this console everywhere but in its country of origin. word-image-13517 The environment seems very boring, but the characters are too charming. Wonderboy: Asha in Monster World is a bit of a cheat when it comes to being part of the overall Wonderboy franchise. Many of the franchise’s core mechanics, such as turning into different types of monsters to overcome obstacles and a more Metroidvania-like level design, are not present here. Asha’s Monster World is a bit more linear, focusing mainly on using a winged companion named Pepelogu to solve small puzzles in the levels, and going through various Zelda II-like dungeons. The battles are much simpler and mainly consist of simple sword attacks and collecting energy for a charged attack after a while. The hit detection takes some getting used to and the movements are a bit archaic. It’s not bad in and of itself, but you have to understand that Wonderboy: Asha in Monster World is more of a modern re-enactment of the old game, retaining much of the gameplay from 1994. The only thing I disagree with, even if I’m looking at the game through 90s glasses, is the fact that you have to take big leaps of faith as you move through sections of the platformer. It wasn’t cool then, and it’s certainly not cool now. word-image-13519 I am sure Asha was Shanta before Shanta became Shanta. Don’t worry, I didn’t like Wonderboy at all: Asha in Monster World. Sure, it’s dated, but I really liked the new graphic style. Simply put, this game is awesome. Instead of Wonderboy: Asha in Monster World prefers cartoon looks, while Asha in Dragon Trap prefers colored polygons. They are artfully designed and animated to resemble a live anime. The characters are adorable and the amount of bright colors on the screen is a joy to behold. Plus, the game always runs with a fantastic framerate. The soundtrack, as with every Wonder Boy game, is simply amazing. Yuzo Koshiro didn’t write the original game’s soundtrack, but that doesn’t mean Asha in Monster World isn’t filled with catchy tunes throughout your adventure. I was surprised not only by the excellent soundtrack, but also by the fact that the game has some voices, and good ones at that. Of course, everything is in Japanese, but at no point does it feel too intrusive like in other anime-inspired games. word-image-13521 Yo, it’s Farfetch’d! Wonderboy: Monster World’s Asha is a Mega Drive classic with a modern twist, and it’s not bad at all. Some aspects of her acting take some getting used to, but there’s no denying that she’s beautiful to look at and too charming to ignore. It can appeal to old-school fans of the franchise and platformers alike, thanks to its simple controls, pleasant presentation and extremely forgiving difficulty. The game may not be as polished as other modern versions of Wonder Boy, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try.

The setting is a bit bland, but the character design and animations are excellent. It’s a brand new remake, but overall Asha in Monster World still looks like the Mega Drive game, with a very simplified combat and hit detection system. However, you can get used to these limitations, especially if you’re a retro fan.
There are some voices, and the soundtrack is a re-arranged reissue of the original 1994 soundtrack, with its irresistible Mega Drive charm. Wonderboy: Asha in Monster World is a reminder of the simpler days of the Mega Drive era. Basically, the game still looks like a 1994 game, just with a new paint job, but it’s still very well preserved.
Final decision: 7.5

Wonderboy: Asha in Monster World is already available on PS4, PC and Switch. PS4 Review. A copy of Wonderboy: The book Asha in Monster World was made available by the publisher.


How do you load…

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Wonder Boy: Asha is a delightfully creative title from developer Lizardcube. It’s a 2D platformer from a company that’s most well known for its mobile game, Cuphead. The game features an option to play as a girl, and the plot revolves around a legendary hero from the Monster Kingdom, who is seeking to rescue his girlfriend from the grip of a terrible monster.. Read more about wonder boy asha in monster world gameplay and let us know what you think.

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How Strong Is Bondic Glue?

Today we’re taking a closer look at the adhesive that has been used by many to seal up their gadgets and valuables. Bondic is the #1 selling glue on the market today, and it’s the go-to glue for many people who are worried about their gadgets and valuables from getting damaged. It’s not just for electronics, though; it’s also used to seal up paper, wood, leather, and even plastic. The company behind Bondic , Bondic Industries, have been around since 1996, and they’re based out of the United States of America in Long Island. Their glue is sold all over the world, and it’s also available in a wide range of colors, ranging from hot pink to purple.

A strong glue can be hard to find, especially if you’re looking for it to hold something together. On the other hand, Bondic is the strongest glue that I’ve ever seen. It can lift up to 65 lbs of paper, but it’s not just a glue. It’s a glue that you can use to bend and fix things.

Bondic is a brand of super-strong adhesive that’s designed to hold things together which can make it a great product for fight fans, or those who need to keep electronics and other items in place. But how strong is Bondic glue? Well, it’s strong enough to permanently bond together two separate halves of a phone, and one of the engineers at our company even glued a circuit board together—and it worked!

Have you ever used superglue and experienced your fingers sticking and not coming off? I also rarely use superglue, but when I try it, it gets hard after a while. Are you tired of throwing it away all the time? Bondic, a liquid synthetic adhesive which cures under UV light, solves these problems. A practical do-it-yourself product that, unlike conventional adhesives, can be used for a wide range of materials and applications. Let’s see , what is the strength of the glue?

What is the strength of Bondic Adhesive?

word-image-11080 word-image-11081 Bondic was developed by a dentist who was inspired by the latest method of dental treatment, direct bonding. It is a liquid plastic that hardens under the influence of a new generation of ultraviolet rays. Firmly bonded in only 4 seconds under the special UV LED lamp supplied. The resulting joint is stronger and more durable than superglue. Bondic glue can be used on different materials, such as plastic, metal, wood, stone, brick, glass and ceramics. It is water and heat resistant. It is a hardened liquid plastic that can be used to glue and repair defects. For example, you can B. Apply and repair a part where the charging cable is broken and the wire is bare. Read the bondic manual for more information about the UV adhesive.

How to use Bondic

It’s easy to use. You can glue, repair and process in the following steps.

  • First, clean the surface of the adhesive so that it is free of contaminants such as. B. Oil is. A rough surface adheres better. Therefore, sand the adhesive surface to give it a rough appearance.
  • Then apply Bondic to the part you want to glue. It will not harden if not exposed to UV rays. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the part exposed to ultraviolet rays is safe.
  • Use the UV LED lamp included in the Bondic kit for 4 seconds to cure the liquid resin. Apply several coats if necessary. Harden Bondic with a UV LED lamp each time it is applied.

The surface can be broken, cut, polished and painted, and the hardened surface can be covered at any time.

Don’t throw away valuable things!

It sounds like a dramatic scene from a movie, but now you can go back in time with Bondic. You don’t have to glue everything back together. With this plastic welding device you can repair objects without using glue. Simply apply the Bondic adhesive to the contact surface and expose to UV light. This excellent product is very effective for plastic, fiberglass, wood and metal products. It is also useful to fill in the blanks. Bondic technology allows layers of plastic to be stacked on top of each other to fill the gaps between different materials.

Bondic is different from conventionalglue

Superglue hardens very quickly, so you have to work fast. There are many problems, such as. B. glues together fingers, desks and clothes that cannot be taken apart. Bondic glue only cures when exposed to UV light, so you can work carefully without being rushed. Even if it sticks to your hands, it is easily removed and the table can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. Since superglue hardens and becomes unusable as soon as it is opened, it is often wasted because it becomes unusable even in small amounts. Bondic is a UV-curable adhesive, so it does not harden over time and can be stored for a long time. Moreover, unlike glue guns, the Bondic set does not need to be connected to a power supply. You don’t have to wait for it to cool, so it’s easy to use.

Miscellaneous safety-related applications

Traditional adhesives connect the broken parts and glue them together to restore them to their original condition. Bondic has an advanced adhesive formula, but it is different from other adhesives. Since it is a liquid plastic, you can join broken parts, repair missing parts and apply a bonding agent to duplicate missing parts. Bondic is useful in a variety of situations, such as. For example, repairing cracked wire harnesses, molding broken plastic parts, filling holes in leaking pipes, repairing accessories, do-it-yourself and hobby work. After restoration, it can also be polished, drilled, painted, etc. It contains no harmful substances and you don’t have to worry about burns like glue guns, so you can use it without fear. Furthermore, liquid plastic only hardens when exposed to UV light. So even if you put it in the wrong place or spill it, just wipe it off with a damp cloth.

What Bondic contains

word-image-11082 word-image-11083 The Bondic kit consists of a pencil case and a storage case with two components: a glue cartridge and a special UV lamp. The main case is 130mm long, making it compact and easy to hold. The black part is the glue cartridge, and when you press it, the liquid plastic comes out. Bondic refill cartridges are interchangeable. The orange part is a battery operated LED UV lamp. The battery can last about 8 hours in total when the light is used for 4 seconds at a time. Bondic adhesive cures when exposed to UV light. Therefore, keep it in its box when not in use and minimize exposure to direct sunlight.

Final thoughts,

Bondic cures under ultraviolet light, does not stick to the hands and does not deteriorate over time, unlike conventional adhesives. What is the member strength? This is a durable and practical DIY item that everyone should have. Because it can be used not only for bonding, but also for various scenes such as restoration, molding, processing and painting.Most of us have probably used glue. It is a fairly common household glue that is used to close envelopes, seal plastic containers, or hold down the pages of a book. A study from the University of Wisconsin revealed that Bondic Glue is the strongest glue that has ever been tested. The only problem is that Bondic Glue is not very useful, even if it is strong. The study used Bondic Glue to seal packages, and to close envelopes, and recorded that the glue was able to hold down the packages for a total of 23 hours. The study also discovered that Bondic Glue is strong enough to hold down small pieces of paper, and has enough holding power to hold down a strip of paper that is about. Read more about bondic australia and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bondic stronger than super glue?

Superglue is one of those things that you don’t expect to need, but once you do, you realize that it’s all too important. Like superglue, Bondic is a super strong adhesive, and it’s super, super strong. One study found that Bondic was stronger than superglue, but it has some drawbacks. Bonds “dissipate” longer than super glue, and it doesn’t hold nearly as much at once. In addition, Bondic takes longer to stick things together. Super glue is a fantastic material for bonding parts together; it is strong enough to hold things together, but also flexible enough to allow for getting to the parts hidden inside. Super glue has one major disadvantage, however: it is not reusable. Super glue dries and hardens, and can no longer be used to stick things together.

Is Bondic a good product?

In the past, I’ve used all sorts of glue to stick things down in my life. I’ve used poster tack, tape, waterproof glue, super glue, and even spray glue. Some of the products have come with advantages and disadvantages, but none of them have been able to stick my life together the way Bondic Glue has. As far as I’m concerned, Bondic is the glue that forever. Bondic is a glue that can be used to repair things that have broken or lost their grip, such as keys, gadgets, glasses, shoes, and tools. It can also be used to attach materials together such as paper, leather, fabric, and wood. Bondic’s main ingredient is cyanoacrylate, or CA. CA has been used since the 1950s as an adhesive on medical devices, including prosthetic devices, to attach tissue to bone. It has also been used as an adhesive to treat haemorrhages, as a glue to attach casts to bones, and as a sealant to seal wounds. CA can be used to adhere any material to itself, and has been used on military, aerospace, medical,

Can Bondic be used on teeth?

What if we told you that you could use Bondic, the special glue for bonding the first layers of coating on the most fragile part of your smartphone, the screen, to your teeth instead of any of those nasty toothpaste tubes? Bondic is a flexible, transparent, and soft glue that is made to stretch and bond to just about anything. It can stick to paper, glue wood, and even be used to stick your hands to your face. In this post, we’ll learn about Bondic’s unique properties and how it can be used to stick your tooth to your face or keep your tooth in your mouth while you sleep.

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